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Wednesday 12/10/2011 - Key Themes (1)


Focussing the most important topics of key themes
After the lighting of the lamp and the Morning Prayer, the facilitators sent the delegates into their language groups to discern the topics and questions which must be dealt with or answered during the coming days. In order to give equal allocation to those who wish to speak, a small hour-glass was placed in each room. There were eleven groups and each group named up to four topics as their primary focus, which were later combined and placed on allocated tables.
Then interest or energy groups chose one from the topics presented: mission – identity – collaboration with others, especially with the laity – collaboration with the IBVM Institute – formation – spirituality – Integrity of Creation – listening to the Word of God – being prophetic – our life-style. The groups were requested to include in their dialogue the statements of the provinces (preparation for the GC on key themes). The afternoon was devoted to these group conversations.
The General Superior's  report is on the password protected site of the General Congregation menu on this website.

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