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Thursday 13/10/2011 - Key Themes (2)


Working with the main aspects of the key themes

The working groups formulated the focal points of their reflections and brought concrete proposals for implementation to the plenary. The translation of these and the ensuing discussion took quite some time. Then the topic was raised as to the chosen form of the resolutions of this General Congregation. How and when should the decisions, recommendations and messages be published? In 1993 there was a message issued by the General Congregation; in 2002 decrees were issued. There will be an editorial committee which receives the mandate to compose a text made up of decisions concerning certain topics. The group will do this in the coming week. It was a rather demanding working day which was interspersed with some physical exercises to relax the group and inspire the subsequent discussions. Only during the evening Eucharist does the intensive struggle for clear statements come to rest.

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