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Friday 14/10/2011 - Free day


Excursion to the surrounding area – visit to places of St. Ignatius

On the way to the nearby town of Azpeitia, we passed the Egibar house, in which the small Inigo was raised by a foster-mother during the first months of his life. We spent much time in the parish church of Azpeitia, the ancestral seat of the Loyola family. It is almost certain that Inigo was baptized in this church. The baptismal font in the church is very much venerated by the local people. Not far from the present Azpeitia, we visited the hermitage or cell of Magdalene and the hospital for the poor. Ignatius stayed here when in 1535 he came from Paris to visit his home place once again, in order to settle different affairs for himself and his first group of friends. Through good works he hoped to make amends for certain memories of past actions. He shared whatever he had received by begging with the poor of the hospital and gave catechism instructions to children and spiritual counsel to adults.

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