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Saturday 15/10/2011 - Key Themes (3)


Working with the main aspects of the key themes and the postulata
After the free and relaxing day which gifted us with pleasant impressions of the surrounding area and the stages in the life of St. Ignatius, everyone felt re-energized. The delegates assembled with new momentum and drive to do the assigned work.
When dealing with the key theme “Universal Mission”, the emphasis was on the Fourth Vow, which the Congregatio Jesu adopted in 2002 along with the Ignatian Constituions. A number of other Postulata that had been submitted were included in the dialogue. In the evening the sisters interpreted through images the conversations of the day and reflected so as to be alert to the footprints of the Holy Spirit.
The translators have had much to do over these days and this is a good opportunity to introduce them in the photo gallery.

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