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Tuesday 18/10/2011 - Preparaton for Election


Final Clarification of Topics arising from the Postulata
and Introduction to the Election Process
Today the clarification processes related to key themes were finalized, as far as possible. Proposals were prepared and the decisions would be made after the elections. The members of the General Congregation agreed to the actual process for the days of election preparation and the election of the General Superior and the General Assistants. Tomorrow the delegates may enjoy a free day which will be followed by three days of recollection and reflection. These are days to be spent in silence and discernment. The actual election days are scheduled from Sunday until Tuesday.
As a sign of CJ eco-awareness all provinces were invited to plant a tree in the time before the General Congregation. Here are some images from the provinces of Allahabad – Cuba – England – Jerusalem – Nepal – Patna – Rome – Romania – Hungary – Zimbabwe. 

We have 20 photographs for you to view. Just click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image. Once the larger image is open you can play the rest of the images as a slideshow.