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Thursday 20/10/2011 - Election process


The Election Process
The General Congregation began the discernment phase of the election process. The canonical (constitutional) guidelines for the election of a General Superior were called to mind, with a particular emphasis on the interior qualities required for our way of proceeding: always and only to be guided by the Spirit. So the next few days will be given over to quiet conversations and continuous prayer enabling each delegate to have the inner freedom and clarity to recognise the movement of the Spirit.
So as not to disrupt this atmosphere by constant photographic activity we are providing a few pictures of the early stages of the election process. After that there will be photos from previous days showing the beautiful landscape around Loyola where the General Congregation is being held.
Here are some more pictures from the Tree Planting in the provinces Bangalore, Delhi, Korea and Slovakia.

We have 20 photographs for you to view. Just click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image. Once the larger image is open you can play the rest of the images as a slideshow.