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Tuesday 04/10/2011 - Procedural orientation


Our daily routine begins
The opening ritual for the Morning Prayer was the lighting of the oil lamp. Each day another sister will perform this brief ritual, which silently gathers the General Congregation around the Lord and invites Mary Ward to be the companion for the day. Then the delegates affirmed the proposed schedule of the General Congregation. This means that in all probability the process will move through the following phases.
All delegates are personally and collectively disposed to enter fully into the process of the General Congregation. In addition, the basic principles for the gathering are put in place so that nothing will disturb or distract from the focus on the content of the General Congregation. Through the reports from the provinces, the report of the General Superior as well as the report of the finance commission the delegates will be informed about the current and updated situation of the Congregatio Jesu in all parts of the world. In this way the foundation will have been laid for the subsequent deliberations. The delegates reflect on and discuss the key themes of the GC 2011: the identity of the Congregatio Jesu. Then the Postulata will be dealt with.
A number of days will be devoted to the election of the General Superior and the General Council. These should be days of prayer so that the delegates will be disposed to listen attentively to the movement and inspiration of the Spirit. Only after the election of the General Leadership will the chapter body decide on the questions and issues that arose and vote on the Postulata.
The groups that meet in the morning are an important opportunity to share one’s faith. The sharing happens in a space of intimacy and respect “trust is built up and members can speak freely about the movement of the Spirit in themselves or in the GC.” (Handout for Proposed Procedures) The table groups in the plenum are meant to facilitate dialogue and provide the space for an initial exchange of opinions regarding factual matters. Then there are working groups for more in-depth discussions around a certain theme. In the plenary sessions all viewpoints are listened to so that they can be considered properly.
It is a special concern that all sisters get to know each other well and develop mutual trust. No sisters will any longer represent the interest of their own province. All are responsible for the entire CJ.

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