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Tuesday 25/10/2011 - Election of General Assistants


Election of General Assistants

The newly elected General Superior, Sr. Jane Livesey CJ, took over as president of the General Congregation. Her first words focused on the election of the General Assistants. She reminded the delegates of Mary Ward’s concern for good collaborators, who are essential for all that needs to be done. A General Assistant should „know and love the Congregatio Jesu, have sound judgment and the gift of wise discernment, and be capable of working in a team.” (CN 9.24)

In the election process the following have been elected as General Assistants:
Vicar General: Sr. Elena Gatica Romero CJ (Chile Province)
Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ (Middle European Province)
Sr. Prisca Vadakepoondikulam CJ (Patna Province / India)
Sr. Cecilia Yeom Jaeyoung CJ (Korean Province)

The General Congregation which “possesses full legislative power in the Congregatio Jesu“ (CN 9.1), has elected the General Administration for the coming nine years. Its most important task is to “foster the spiritual life of the members, and to promote the apostolic works, unity and development of the Congregatio Jesu” (CN 9.3).
During the Eucharistic Celebration in the evening in the beautiful chapel of the nearby Hotel Arrupe, the sisters thanked God in all languages and sounds for God’s loving guidance. They sang in the words of Mary Ward: “Come let us rather sing and praise God joyfully for all His loving infinite kindness.”

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