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Wednesday 26/10/2011 - Free Day


Free Day
At the end of a long week of discernment for the elections, there was finally a free day. Our excursion brought us to Pamplona, the capital of Navarra. There, in the name of the Viceroy of Navarre, Ignatius defended the fortress against the French, during which he was seriously wounded in his legs by a canon ball. This event was the beginning of his conversion. Our walk through the city led us to different places, which reminded us of this event in the life of St. Ignatius. The highpoint was the visit of the most impressive cathedral of Pamplona.
Yesterday evening the newly elected General Council was presented with Indian and Nepalese gifts of honour as well as a special dinner. Here are the most important pieces of information about the four General Assistants:
Sr. Elena Gatica Romero CJ from Chile, first studied Special Education and later theology and philosophy. She has done some further training in administration and book keeping. After a number of years in education she was appointed Provincial Superior of Chile. For her it is important to live religious life according to Gospel values.
Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ from Germany studied social work and religious education. She has worked for Caritas and in school. She was local superior of the community in Bad Homburg. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Provincial Council of the Middle European Province.
Sr. Priska Vadakepoondikulam CJ from India studied psychology and received further training in psychoanalysis and counselling. She has a diploma in journalism and has trained and taught teachers. She has also worked as a counsellor in formation. After her term of office as Provincial Superior she worked in an ecumenical centre for spirituality in South India.
Sr. Celilia Yeom Jaeyoung CJ from Korea was trained for pastoral work and formation. She has been mainly responsible for the different phases of formation and was up to now the director of the Korean novitiate. The growth and maturing process of young women in initial formation is a very great concern of hers.

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