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Thursday 27/10/2011 - Key Themes Concluded


Final Works on Key Themes

The delegates have returned to their discussion tables in the hall in order to determine the direction to be taken during the next nine years. What are the most important developments, the Generalate is to attend to, because they are important for the world-wide Congregatio Jesu? For this the delegates recalled the various needs of our time which were talked about prior to the election process. What can the Congregatio Jesu offer as an answer to these? Which concerns need more intensive attention and concerted effort?

Yesterday’s excursion to Pamplona is still alive in the minds of many. Some images depicting the beauty of the cathedral complement the photos of the delegates at work in the hall.

We have 30 photographs for you to view. Just click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image. Once the larger image is open you can play the rest of the images as a slideshow.