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Friday 28/10/2011 - Consideration of Postulata


Consideration of Postulata

Now the time has come to struggle for decisions regarding the Postulata that have already been thoroughly discussed in previous sessions. These are difficult processes in which the delegates need to agree on formulations and details concerning content and expression; the significant questions are: What is to be decided on a regional basis? What kind of flexibility is all right for individual provinces? Where does the consensus need to be very clear? At times a symbol helps to focus again on the essentials and not to get lost in unnecessary details. The key themes today concerned the world-wide formation of members, internationality, and the account of conscience as well as the collaboration of the Congregatio Jesu with the IBVM Congregation.
In the afternoon we were invited for a Spanish hot chocolate with cakes. Our hostesses were the sisters from the Congregation of Christ the King, who work here. 

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