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Saturday 29/10/2011 - Outstanding matters


Drafting on Texts
Today a number of proposals where presented, discussed, and entrusted to the delegates for further study so that they can be voted on at a later time. Among these were minor changes to the Complementary Norms. They can then be adjusted to current practises. The second draft of the message to all members is still in the making and will be discussed the next day.
Last night Sr. Simone Remmert informed interested members about the internet project “Funcity.de”. In this virtual city, a convent has been established and Sr. Simone, one of the “foundresses”, also works in its pastoral team, which creates meditations and answers many faith-related questions in the chat room.
A few days ago, the oldest delegate, Sr. Isabel Texeira do Prado, from Brazil celebrated her 80th birthday. So the discussions of important topics at the General Congregation were interspersed with moments of joy and celebration.

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