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Wednesday 05/10/2011 - Election of GC officers


The one Body of a General Congregation
Today the various officers of a General Congregation were elected. Now this body has a General Congregation secretary, official scrutineers and a group of sisters who are competent in financial matters. These latter members of the GC have the task to examine the finance report of the generalate. The first five members of the coordination committee were also elected. Their task is to observe the process and decide which topics are to be addressed the following day.
Both facilitators, Diarne McHenry and Manuela Schaffran, spoke about their way of accompanying the sisters through the process of the GC, how they would strengthen or encourage them as well as providing moments for relaxation and offer breaks. Each delegate should feel comfortable within herself and with the process as it develops. This balance opens the space for the Holy Spirit to enter and work in the assembly.
Some principles of communication were agreed upon. Each one is to understand what is going on in order to participate well. No one should miss out on anything because of reticence, time pressure, technical problems or any other difficulty. All wish to be respectful and keep confidentiality with regards to matters of the GC. When they hear new or unusual ideas, they will meet them with gentle curiosity. In this way, new ideas can develop and discernment can be fully practised.
When talking about the dynamics for and the participation in the GC, it was strongly suggested that there is no difference of office between the delegates. All are equal members of this „highest decision-making body in the Congregatio Jesu“, all share the same responsibility, even though they bring different experiences to this meeting. There are no differences between the general councillors, provincial superiors and elected delegates – all are equal and are asked to look beyond the horizon of their own province or region.
In such a General Congregation four levels meet: the level of goals, aspirations or expectations, the level of feelings and existential orientations, the level of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and the level of work. The one or the other level will assume primary importance during the different phases, but there has to be a clear balance so that good and Spirit-inspired decisions are made.
The completed translation of the Korean Constitution and the Complementary Norms was greeted with deep joy. Finally our Korean sisters can read the text in their mother tongue.
In the evening we celebrated the Eucharist in memory of all sisters died since the last General Congregation in 2002.

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