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Tuesday 01/11/2011 - Evaluation / Closing Liturgy


Evaluation and Closing Liturgy
A lovely autumn morning welcomed all delegates to the final day of the General Congregation. 
During the morning sessions, the different province groups described their plans for their home provinces/regions in the time following the General Congregation. Also some organizational details needed attention: How do we properly tidy up all our papers? Which bus will bring us to the airport in Bilbao?  Then the final arrangements for the closing liturgy in the Basilica needed attention and all staff members in the hall and outside of it were thanked. The two facilitators and the Loreto sisters, who had been guests, during the General Congregation, were heartily fare-welled in the plenary. And then the General Congregation was officially closed.
Yesterday the new generalate team was missioned with genuine Spanish fans so that they will be able to cope with the Roman heat! The provincial superiors, who are surrendering sisters for the service of leadership to the whole Congregatio Jesu, publicly said their good byes in this way.
Sisters from the Spanish province were invited for the afternoon liturgy. The IBVM Provincial and some Loreto Sisters also came for the concluding liturgy to thank God together with us. The last day and the whole General Congregation found a fitting conclusion as we all enjoyed wine and snacks and each other’s company.

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