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Thursday 06/10/2011 - Province information (1)


Province Information - Part 1
There will now be three days for provincial presentations in a time limit of 5 minutes for each province, followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers.  The delegates have prepared themselves through the study of the more detailed provincial reports. These reports are available to every community.
Allahabad: The Indian sister chose the symbol of the lotus flower, which stands for purity and vitality and succeeds in unfolding its blossoms even in dirty and putrid water. This flower and its symbolism represent hope for the work of the sisters, showing that even under the most difficult conditions something beautiful and good can grow.
Argentina: In the past the sisters came from Germany, Hungary, Rumania and Spain to initiate the work in Argentina. Now the province sends its sisters out to bring the works and the spirit of Mary Ward to new places – one of them being Cuba. Using the seven colours of the rainbow the sisters from Argentina symbolise how the different cultures can collaborate fruitfully and effectively in diversity and solidarity.
Korea: Through a dance that was accompanied by a Power Point Presentation the Korean sisters demonstrated the development of the province beginning with the initial stages of the mission, to the change in name from IBVM to Congregatio Jesu up to the Korean translation of the Constitution. Every process of spiritual deepening was and is intended as a service to the people.
Middle-European-Province: Through a pantomime the sisters illustrated the difficult and sad task of closing several communities, a process that involves a lot of clearing-up and saying farewell. At the same time there are new foundations, small active cells where sisters begin a new apostolate with great commitment and enthusiasm.
Mongolia: The delegates were given the chance to have a glimpse at the country, the people and the sisters’ work through a brief movie. A paper of four pages provided further facts and figures.
Rumania: Using the parable of the sower (Mth 13,3-9; Lk 8,5-8) the Rumanian sisters illustrated how the Lord took upon himself the labour of sowing the seed and invites us to join him, no matter whether we are successful or not. The outcome does no rest with us.
Zimbabwe: The African sisters brought an African tapestry depicting a woman who draws water and pours it into a jar. Women in the African culture are assigned the role of servant whether it is in the family or the society. This is the attitude of the sisters, who want to serve in education and empowerment of women – especially there, where no one else does it.
Bangalore: This Region was founded only in 2010. Now it can develop independently the multiple ministries in schools and parishes which had been initiated previously by the Provinces of Patna and Allahabad. It is an important task to raise consciousness for the dignity of women and the integrity of creation.

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