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Friday 07/10/2011 - Province information (2)


Reports of the Provinces – part 2
Brazil: Sr. Cirley told the story of the green star of hope, which wanted to remain among the people and make it easier for them to cope with their daily struggles. This story illustrates the commitment of the sisters in the two new foundations in the North East of Brazil, where the sisters live among the poor. They are a spark of hope for the people there, since it seems that so far no one was particularly interested in them.
Delhi: Using three umbrellas, the Indian sisters demonstrated how they through various projects or institutions try to offer protection to the people and the environment. Their commitment to the preservation of the environment and the integrity of creation as well as for the empowerment of women is tremendous.
Spain: For many years there have not been any new vocations for a variety of reasons and so the most important tasks of the sisters are now the care for the elderly members and to strengthen the capacity of their co-workers for the continuation of the schools in the spirit of Mary Ward.
Hungary: A tree was the symbol for the Hungarian Province, founded in 1938. The development and blossoming was abruptly stopped during the time of communism. Now the few sisters in active service are being challenged to let go of the large institutions and to find an appropriate apostolic ministry.
Slovakia and Ukraine: With a dance the Slovak Sisters and their Ukrainian members, put together a large puzzle of five pieces. The pieces of the puzzle stood for the different cultures and the many sisters engaged in various apostolates. Their great advantage is the large number of well educated sisters who are ready and willing to begin new missions.
After the votes for the various committees have been counted, all offices for the General Congregation are now filled.  A group photo shows all those who have been elected.
Patna: The way into the near future is depicted in five road signs called: ‚mission’, ‚healthcare’, ‚collaboration’, ‚giving a voice’, and ‚environmental consciousness’. In all these areas the sisters are active in multiple ways.
Italy: The Italian Province places its trust in the new, that the Lord promises in the midst of decline (Is 43, 19), and so it has sent its youngest member to the mission in Cuba. The Lord has plans we do not know (Jer 29, 11) and for this we are grateful.
Jerusalem: A brief power point presentation informed the delegates about the work in the Schmidt School for Arab and mostly Muslim girls as well as in the hostel for pilgrims, the Paulus House. The sisters see themselves as representatives of the entire CJ during big Christian feast at the sacred sites in Jerusalem.

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