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Sunday 09/10/2011 - Province information (3)


Information about the Provinces – Part 3
England: The English sisters began their presentation with images of two recent events of great international interest: the wedding of Prince William and Kate and the riots, the burning of cars and looting of shops. Both show the reality in which the work of the English Province unfolds.
Chile: In an imaginary TV interview the three Chilean sisters described two noteworthy projects of recent months: an educational project, which fosters the identity and collaboration of Mary Ward Schools, and a meeting dealing with the current situation of the Congregatio Jesu in Chile. Through the latter they gained new insights into the problems and opportunities of their pastoral ministries.
Nepal: The independent state in the Himalaya Mountains has very strong traditions. The country maintains its strict caste system and does not respect women as much as we would wish. Through the unremitting commitment of the sisters for women as well as for the people in the caste of the untouchables, solidarity groups are emerging. In this way the weakest members of the society experience support, solidarity and community.
Cuba: The situation of Cuba was illustrated by the story of the little boy who gave the bridge builder a bridge formed by the rainbow. Each colour of the rainbow stands for one need experienced by the people of Cuba and each colour presents a form of help initiated by the sisters. The sisters have come to Cuba to stay with the people who would often prefer to leave their own country, because the living conditions are so deplorable.
IBVM: The Loret(t)o Sisters made a very important decision in 2009: they adopted the full Ignatian text of the constitution. They now have combined both volumes in one thick book with the texts that were important for them: the Ignatian text and a new modern document, which reflects current practice and is appropriate to women.
With the help of different articles of their constitution they focussed on the most important aspects of their common understanding concerning the Institute, e.g., the importance of mission, the significance of the Institutum and the permanent, life-long participation in the mission of the whole Institute.

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