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We have been asked, and are very happy, to share this link with spiritual resources for Covid-19 and Easter hope and Pentecost expectation with you:

This news item will expire on 12/07/2020.

Temporary Profession of Selvi Adaikalam IBVM/Loreto

On 3 May 2020, Selvi IBVM renewed her vows.  What made this occasion both unusual and very special was that she did so into the hands of the General Superior of the CJ, rather than into the hands of her own General Superior, and did so in the chapel of the Generalate of the Congregation of Jesus. The reason for this was that here in Italy we were still in Covid-19 lockdown on 3 May.
Selvi is one of the six sisters living in Via Nomentana 250 who are participating in the formation course offered by the UISG (Union of International Superiors General).  They have been here since early February when they arrived for the course.  Sadly, much of the course has had to be delivered online because of the virus.  Also as a result of the virus, the members of Selvi’s own General Leadership team, including Noelle, her General Superior, could not be part of the celebration on 3 May even though they live only five minutes’ walk away from us. It was for that reason that Noelle officially delegated Jane to receive Selvi’s vows on Noelle’s behalf.
It was a most joyful celebration during which we thanked God, who called Selvi to dedicate her life to him and to the service of others. After the formation course, Selvi will return to East Timor where she is working now taking care of young women who are discerning if religious life is their way of life. (Text and Photos/eka)

This news item will expire on 06/07/2020.

Collaborative Ministry by the Conference of India and Nepal - COIN

In January 2020, COIN, the three CJ Provinces (Allahabad, Delhi and Patna) and two Regions (Bangalore and Nepal) in India and Nepal, undertook a new ministry at the invitation of Cyprian Monis, the Bishop of Asansol, a diocese belonging to the Archdiocese of Kolkota, The new community consists of three members: Sisters Joyce (Patna), Joselette (Allahabad) and Gladys (Delhi).  Joyce (sister in charge), Joselette (social worker) and Gladys (nurse) work together, along with the government staff, to care for the children in the project who will be then be sent for adoption.  They also look after a group of physically and mentally challenged children. This project is called the “Roshni” (meaning light) Project. At this time, when the country is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus, they are also engaged in making masks for the people in the locality, besides spending time with the children and doing household chores. At present, the ministry is taken up “ad experimentum” for one year.

This news item will expire on 20/06/2020.