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International CJ/IBVM community in Manila.

During the visitation of the Korean Province Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Elisabeth also visited the sisters in Manila, where since 2013 there has been a community in which CJ and IBVM sisters live together. At the moment there are ten sisters, eight CJ and two IBVM (Loreto). Sr. Bosco Lee CJ and Sr. Christine Burke from the Australian Province IBVM are the pioneers of this first joint community project. Seven of the sisters are studying theology at various universities in Manila, one of them Sr. Monica IBVM from North America. They all live together in a house rented by the two generalates. Our experience was that the internationality of this community is very enriching. 
One sister, Sr. Theresa Jeong from the Korean Province CJ, has a social mission. Last summer she began to build up the ‘Mary Ward Learning Centre’ for a nearby slum area. From 2p.m.  the door is open for children who need support and help with homework. A lady has lent part of her large terrace for this project. Sr. Theresa is beginning in a small way, with fifteen children who have enrolled; at the moment there is no room for more, but certainly there will be more in future.
(Text and photos: Cecilia CJ and Elisabeth CJ)

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Iksan St. Mary’s Hospital Hospice Ward

On Wednesday, November 9, Sr. Elizabeth Kampe and Sr. Cecilia Yeom visited the hospice ward while they were staying at Iksan community for the consultation conversations with members of the Korean Province.
The Hospice ward in Iksan St. Mary 's Hospital started to care for patients with terminal cancer from September 5, 2016.  Actually sisters have been taking care of the elderly for a long time by introducing a little concept of hospice 10 years ago, but this Hospice ward opened about a year ago as a legalized institution in accordance with the national hospice palliative medical policy. In the past fourteen months, 77 people have spent the rest of the time beautifully and gone to God.
In the hospice ward, there are two nursing sisters and social worker sisters who manage spiritual support, a doctor and five nurses, nursing assistants, caregivers and volunteers. The most important care is to alleviate the pain of terminal cancer patients and to help them to end their lives with spiritual and psychological support, reconciliation and forgiveness between family and relatives, in a spirit of thanks and peace.
The sisters and the staff who work here are also well prepared and caring for the people who are on their way to death. They are fortunate enough to feel the meaning and reward of life. However, there is also a program to prevent burnout for them. Furthermore, if there is one Catholic believer in the patient's family, sisters try especially to help the patient spiritually, that they may know God and be baptized before they die.

Text and Photo Hildegard Chang CJ

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Remembering All Souls in the Korean Province CJ

For Catholics in Korea, also, 2nd November is the day when they visit the graves of their relatives. In the diocese of Daejeon there are two large cemeteries. The seven sisters of the Korean province who have died since the foundation of the province in 1964 are buried in Shengwhan. Sr. Luca is the only one of the first members who died and was buried in Germany, and  there is a memorial stone to her in Shengwhan. Like many others on this day, the sisters from Seoul and Daejeon came to Shengwhan, prayed at the sisters’ graves and finally celebrated Mass together.  According to Korean expectations cemeteries must be in sunny places, without trees and flowers growing, so as not to hinder the natural process by which the bodies are restored to the earth.  
(Text and Photos Eka)

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