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Visitation of the Zimbabwe Region

Visitation of the Zimbabwe Region
From 17th October until 7th November 2018, Cecilia CJ, the General Assistant responsible for the Zimbabwe Region and Elisabeth CJ, went on visitation to this Region. They visited all nine Communities of the Region and spoke with all the 45 sisters who live there.
         Photo 1: the community of the Regional House in Harare; Photo 2: Sr. Florence CJ and Sr. Maria Goretti CJ
The Zimbabwe Region is quite new. It was founded in 1951 from the Generalate in Mainz, which was at that time one of the three Generalates of the Congregation. In 1967 the first foundation was a hostel for the girls in Chishawasha who attended the Jesuit School.
   Photo 3: Sr. Stefana CJ and Sr. Magna CJ  in Chishawasha; Photo 4: Boarders at  the Girl’s hostel
Later on the sisters started two Pre-schools, one Primary school and at this moment are building a Secondary school which will open its doors in  January 2019. In Kwekwe/Amaveni they run a children’s home with 66 boys and girls. Another of their missions is health care. The sisters run two clinics helped by ten to twelve employees. They see 50 to 100 patients every day. Both these clinics are in very poor areas. These clinics offer accompaniment to women from the day they know that they are pregnant until their child is 5 years old. This is a great help to all the families in the surrounding area.  
   Photo 5: one room of the Pre school in Kwekwe;  Photo 6: People waiting in St Joseph’s clinic 
In 2011 the sisters were asked to go to one of the most remote places in this rural area.  It is 130 km from Kwekwe to Nesigwe, but as the roads are not asphalted it takes about 3 hours to get there. The sisters do pastoral work there and help in the diocesan school. With donations from Europe they manage to give all the children lunch each day. For many of the pupils this is their only meal of the day. 
   Photo 7 and 8: Pupils of the diocesan school in Nesigwe having their lunch
The region is growing steadily. There are quite a number of young women who want to join the CJ. At this moment there are 13 juniors (6 of them are doing their studies), 2 novices, 3 postulants and 6 candidates. There is hope for the future of this region.   
   Photo 9: the six candidates in Nesigwe; Photo 10:  a present from the Nesigwe community for the sisters in Harare 

This news item will expire on 16/01/2019.

Sr. Martha Zechmeister CJ - "El Pueblo te hizo santo"

Sr. Martha Zechmeister CJ wrote an article on her experience and that of the Salvadorian people of the Canonisation of Monsignor Oscar Romero entiteld "El Pueblo te hizo santo".
You can find the article in the section “Documents and Talks” of our website.

This news item will expire on 14/01/2019.

Farewell for Anusha George CJ

“Live long and prosper” with this greeting we said Good Bye to Anusha George CJ who left Rome on 8th November 2018. She was here in Italy for 9 years.  After learning Italian she began her studies in communications at the Salesian Pontifical University and got her doctorate in July. Now she is back in the Delhi Province in India.
All the sisters of the Roman community miss her very much. We miss her joyfulness, her laughter and her help in so many areas. We will stay in contact with each other and we will pray for each other, that we will all grow and prosper and be blessed by the Lord. (text and photos/Eli) 

This news item will expire on 12/01/2019.