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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
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Formation and Mission Experiment in Cuba for the New Generations of Latin American CJ (CRAL – Regional Conference of Latin America)

The slogan of the Latin American and Caribbean Conference of Religious (CLAR) – ‘Let us hasten out to meet life’, called together two novices, one from Cuba, and one from Brazil, and four juniors, two from Brazil, two from Chile, in Cuba  from 4th-20th December 2017. It was Advent, a suitable time to prepare our hearts to meet so many lives and families in places like Santiago de Cartagena,  the 5th September Community, Turquino, and the outskirts of Rodas. These were the places chosen for the mission of door-to-door visits proclaiming the coming of our saviour Jesus Christ,  in this offer from the Church and from religious life ‘on the road’. We met groups of children, teenagers and women, with whom we shared the Word of God, games, crafts, and our lives.
The chief objective was MISSION, as we had seen it at the meeting of CRAL juniors in Brazil, 2016. Along with ‘going out’ to mission, each day there was a formation - community sharing, which began and ended with moments of prayer, suggestions and personal and community experiences, in which novices, juniors, formators joined in, with the sisters from the Rodas community, and some laypeople, who welcomed us generously into their homes, extending the ‘Open Circle’ of the great Mary Ward Family.
Cuba continues to challenge us, in its religious syncretism, its great desire for God, in its suffering as it ‘solves the problem’ of daily life, and in its desire for liberty, justice and truth. As accompaniers of initial formation in Latin America we agree that it was an enriching example of presence and learning (‘probation’) for each one, and that we must go on cultivating the fruits of it in everyday life, as we go on ‘hastening out to meet life’ in the everyday places where we carry on our ministry.
(Text: Sisters Aparecida, Eudosia, Lilian and the Rodas Community. Photos: Liliana).
Photo 1. On the way to the place of mission.
Photo 2. Sharing the Eucharist.
Photo 3. Sharing with children.
Photo 4. Novices, juniors, formators and sisters from the Rodas community.

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Generalate – English Province

On the 1st of January 2018 Sr. Frances Orchard CJ will be missioned for a further three years as Provincial Superior of the English Province. All the sisters of the CJ Generalate wish her all the best in the coming years, and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that she will be able to lead her Province in love and discernment. We assure her of our prayer and support as she begins her new mission. (text and photo/eka) 

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Christmas in Rome

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