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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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Celebration of Easter in Via Nomentana 250

As the total lockdown in Italy will continue until at least the beginning of May, we celebrated the Easter Triduum in the house itself, with the sisters who are living here at present: the members of the Generalate, the Roman community and the six UISG Formation course participants who are with us until June.
We are grateful that we could celebrate both the Mass of the Last Supper and the Easter Vigil Mass online with Pope Francis. For Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we prepared our own Liturgy of the Word and received communion.
As the weather was so beautiful, we had a barbecue lunch outside on Easter Monday to bring the triduum to a pleasant and friendly conclusion.
This year’s Easter Alleluia was a quieter one, the decoration more simple, but the inner joy that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead was felt even more deeply.
The extraordinary Easter surprise was from the Korean province. The sisters made very pretty looking and strong, washable masks to protect us from being infected by Covid-19 when we are allowed to go out again. We are very grateful to them! (text and photos/eka)

This news item will expire on 15/06/2020.


Pope's Holy Week celebrations in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.  

This news item will expire on 09/06/2020.

Postponement of General Congregation 2020

Covid-19 is affecting our world with very serious implications. Most of the Counties are actually under lockdown, the numbers of sick people are increasing and, unfortunately, those who died as well.
In the light of this and not knowing how the virus will develop in the coming months the Generalate Team has taken the decision to postpone the General Congregation, which should have taken place in July-August this year, to a place and dates not yet defined.
We are aware that there are a lot of implications but, once again, God is calling us all to do things differently and we can only respond faithfully and knowing that, as Pope Francis said during the extraordinary moment of prayer last Friday in St. Peter’s square,  “God turns everything to our good”.

This news item will expire on 01/06/2020.