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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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Provincial and Regional Superiors’ Conference (PRSC) 2019

From Monday, February 18th, to March 1st 2019, all the Provincial and Regional Superiors of the Congregatio Jesu meet in Rome, Via Nomentana 250, to continue the process they began three years ago of honouring the past, embracing the present and co-creating the future in the service of the mission. The main objective is to decide together what kind of General Congregation is required so that GC 2020 may make the necessary decisions to ensure that the congregation becomes more future fit for mission.
As usual, the meeting began in the chapel. Father Fratern Massawe SJ, celebrated the Eucharist with us. 
Then Jane opened the conference and made it very clear that each conference member is asked to share and take action in this process during our conference and upon returning to their own regions and provinces. As in PRSC 2018, Matthieu Daum will guide us through the process. The first two days focused on connecting to our last meeting and taking our first steps toward GC 2020. (text and photos/eka)

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Golden Jubilee for Sr. Prisca Vadakepoondikulam CJ

On Sunday 10 February 2019 we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Prisca Vadakepoondikulam. 50 years of religious life in the Congregation of Jesus, that is really an occasion to celebrate - a feast of joy and thanksgiving!  The actual date of her entry was 2 February 1969. Prisca was one of a group of 12 young women who entered the Allahabad Province of the CJ in India. She comes from Kerala and her great desire was to go as a missionary to the North of India. For many years she was a committed teacher in different schools of the Congregation. Then she felt the need to address the psychological needs of the students and qualified as psychologist and counsellor. She specialized in counselling in the U.K.  She helped many religious, both men and women, in different communities. She was called on to take the responsibility as Provincial of the Patna Province from 2000 to 2006, after which she worked as a counselling trainer in Vellore in India, being  there for people who needed professional help.  Since 2012 she has been one of the General Assistants in the Generalate of the CJ in Rome.  All the members of both the Generalates,  CJ and IBVM, together with CJ  Roman community and some  guests came to  celebrate  the Holy Eucharist with Prisca to say “thank you“ to the Lord for leading and guiding her through these 50 years and to ask God’s blessing for the years to come. (text and photos/eka)

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First Final Profession in Nepal

Sister Karuna and Sister Amrita of the Nepal Region of the Congregation of Jesus made their final commitment to the Lord in the Congregation of Jesus on 30th January 2019. This is the first time in the history of the Church in Nepal that such an event has taken place. It is also important to mention that Sister Karuna is the first Nepali sister to have taken this all-important step in her faith journey. Sister Amrita comes from the state of Tamil Nadu in India. We wish them both grace-filled days ahead in their religious life. (text: Prisca, photos: CJ sisters in Nepal)

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