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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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Generative Listening and Speaking – an August invitation.

For the month of August we invite you, if you have arrived at this page, to watch, listen to and reflect on the presentation on Generative Listening and Speaking. These two “tools” for deepening our understanding of one another and of our reality have become very important across our congregation during the past year and we would like to share them more widely.
The power point presentation has been created by Carla Bellone using material provided by Matthieu Daum [www.nexusconsultation.com], who is accompanying us in the process and journey leading to our next General Congregation, which will be in 2020.
All the images are from photographs taken by the late Cecilia Goodman CJ of the English Province.

New articles for “Recent News” will resume in early September.

This news item will expire on 01/10/2018.