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Welcome to the Recent News page of the Congregatio Jesu.
On this page you will find recent and current news.


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Juniors' meeting - COIN

28 Juniors (temporary professed members) from COIN, guided by their Junior Mistress Sr. Shweta CJ and Fr. Robin SJ, had a five day meeting at the beginning of May and they have written a report about this experience which we warmly invite you to read. You can find the report in the link below. 

This news item will expire on 31/07/2019.

Evaluation days in Nemi

From 21 to 23 May 2019 the members of the Generalate went to the “Ad Gentes” conference centre of the Divine Word Missionaries in Nemi, one of the “castelli Romani” towns outside Rome. This place was deliberately chosen because it will be the location the General Congregation in 2020. It is good and helpful to take a break once a year and leave the usual place of work in order to have time to look back and look ahead. We took time to reflect on our life and “way of proceeding”, to see what in them we want to keep and where we want to change something. It was surprising and encouraging for us to see that there were many things that we want to keep, because they have proven themselves to be good and helpful.  These include our regular prayer and reflection times, meetings with the sisters of the Roman community and our way of celebrating birthdays and feast days. Pauline Darby SHCJ was our facilitator.
When we looked ahead there was one main topic - preparation of the General Congregation. We spent most of the time reflecting on how we can give an overview of our term of office and why we did what we did. This was just a beginning. There are 14 more months left for us to do all the preparation.  (text and photos/eka)    

This news item will expire on 29/07/2019.

A group of Indian CJ sisters on pilgrimage in Rome

From 14 May to 21 May 2019 ten Indian CJ sisters came to Rome to see and experience places related to Mary Ward and Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  For all of them it was their first time in Europe. 
Asked about their experience here in Rome, one of them said: “It was a heavenly experience to walk along the same streets as Mary Ward and her first companions.” Another one said that “to be in places related to Mary Ward and St. Ignatius made us feel the reality of our CJ spirituality.”
They also appreciated the experience of a Papal Audience and being able to walk in the footsteps of St. Peter and St. Paul. Anu George CJ, from the Delhi Province, was their guide. She knows Rome very well as she did her studies here.  The sisters described her as a very active and enthusiastic guide who guided them well.
The founding sisters in India went from Munich to Patna, in the north of India, in 1853. Now there are three Provinces – Patna, Allahabad and Delhi, and two Regions – Bangalore and Nepal. The seeds sowed by those pioneering sisters, many of whom died at a young age because of the hardships of their lives, have borne much fruit.
The second step of their journey has taken bring the pilgrim group to York in England to see and experience the places where Mary Ward was born and where she spent the early years of her life. They expressed great gratitude to the sisters of the Roman community, the Generalate and to the English Province for this precious experience.  (text eka photo Anu)

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