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Visitation of the Middle European Province (MEP) - Part II

From 21 March to 13 April 2019, the CJ General Assistants, Elisabeth and Cecilia, held consultation conversations with 218 members of the Middle European Province in 6 of the 22 communities. This process is essential in order to sense our reality as the basis for the discernment process leading to a decision regarding the appointment of the next Provincial Superior. Of the six communities, only Simbach/Inn is solely for elderly sisters. Currently there are 52 members in this community, most of whom were born in the 1930s and a few in the 1920s. They usually came from large families owning big farmhouses. One of the main ministries of the sisters was to work in the schools. As these schools also had many boarders, there was a lot of work to do. Now the sisters are old. Some of them do voluntary services.
Others see praying for the world, the Church and the Congregation of Jesus as their main ministry. At the end of every visit, the community was invited to a sharing session on the changes needed in order to make the CJ future-fit for its mission. Since Mary Ward also had to face major changes in her life, her autobiographical notes sparked off the reflections and sharing in these sessions on the future of the CJ. (text and photos/eka)
Photos 1 and 2: sisters of the communities in Mindelheim and Augsburg
Photos 3 and 4: sisters of the communities in Pfarrkirchen and Passau
Photos 5 and 6: sisters of the communities in Altötting and in Simbach during the session of sharing

This news item will expire on 17/06/2019.