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Second day of the PRSC in Rome

The focus of the second day was looking back at the changes each sister had experienced since she joined the CJ and what impact the adopting of the Constitutions in 2003 had on us as a congregation. The questions we reflected on were “What have been the positive impacts since [adopting the Constitutions]? What have been the struggles in living and embodying them?”
The main work was done in groups, followed by sharing in the plenary. The groups were small: only three or four members per group.  In order to communicate well we have five translators this time. This makes it possible for the group members from various continents to mix and share more freely. Expressing ideas through pictures and sharing them afterwards in the Plenum brought us to the conclusion of the session.

This news item expired on 22/06/2017.

Opening of the Conference of CJ Provincial and Regional Superiors (PRSC) in Rome

On the evening of 19 April 2017, Jane, as General Superior, opened the PRSC and welcomed all the participants.
She explained that this PRSC is a follow up to the last PRSC in 2015, during which all concluded that there is need for change in the Congregatio Jesu worldwide for the better service of the mission.
The theme chosen expresses this: honouring the past, embracing the present, co-creating the future at the service of the mission. Matthieu Daum, an organizational consultant from France, will be our facilitator.  He will join us during the last days of our conference.  This time our work will mainly be process orientated, following the seven principles of Generative Listening and Generative Speaking. We do not know yet what the outcome will be. We trust in the work of the Holy Spirit. The main questions on the first day were: What works well in my Province/Region? What does not work well? What drains me in my role? Before we start our working sessions we will dance.

This news item expired on 21/06/2017.

Celebration of the Easter vigil in St. Peter

From the time the current General Leadership began here in Rome, we have always celebrated Easter liturgy in our house. This year we decided that each one could choose in which parish she would attend the Easter Vigil Liturgy. Srs. Cecilia and Elisabeth decided to celebrate Easter Vigil in St. Peter’s. It was possible to get tickets. Experienced people had advised us to queue from 13:00 onwards for the services which would begin at 8:30pm. The reality was different. It was enough to be there at 5pm in order to go through all the security checks. It was  important always to show the blue entrance ticket. The places near the middle isle are very popular. Those in these seats have the opportunity to see the Pope very near. There was a great rush.
In the interior of St. Peter's looked like a heap of ants in motion until everyone got a seat and finally settled. As the celebrations began, gradually the church quietened down. Everyone listened to the words of the Service of the Light, which took place at the entrance and was transmitted by loudspeaker. The procession with the Easter candle in the dark church was very impressive with  Lumen Christi repeated aloud three times. Slowly it became bright in the church, when the Easter light was  passed on to all. The solemn Gloria and Hallelujah still resound in our ears. Except for the readings, the language of the celebration was Latin. Thank God, everyone received a booklet at the entrance, so that they could follow the text in Latin, Italian and English. (text and photos/eka)  

This news item expired on 18/06/2017.