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Big celebration in the Romanian province of CJ

The year 2017 is a great occasion for joy for the Romanian province CJ because it celebrates 165 years’ presence in Romania and 85 years since the opening of the house in Popesti – Leordeni in Bucharest .
In 1852, at the invitation of Bishop Michel-Angelo Conte di Parsi, the first sisters from Nymphenburg (Germany) arrived in Bucharest and, despite the great difficulties of the time, managed to start the apostolate, giving life to their charism: helping souls to find God. To support the mission of the sisters who worked in the boarding and day schools, in 1932 it was decided to buy land in Popeşti – Leordeni for a farm to produce food for the large houses.
This feast was marked by a solemn Mass on December 17, 2017 celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Bucharest, Monsignor Cornel Damian, attended by many priests, religious and laypeople.
We are very grateful for all these years, and we pray for the Lord's blessing on all those who have been with us.
(Text and photos: Sr. Otilia Kundt CJ)
1. CJ main communities in Romania
2. CJ Chapel and House in Popesti – Leordeni
3. Procession at the beginning of the Mass
4. Sr Patricia, Romanian provincial with the Auxiliary Bishop of Bucharest Monsignor Cornel Damian 

This news item expired on 22/02/2018.

New mission for Sr. Cynthia Mathew CJ at the UN

On 21 October 2017,  Sr. Cynthia Mathew CJ arrived in New York to begin a new era of CJ/IBVM collaboration. 
Sr. Cynthia hails from Kerala, South India. 1991 she joined the CJ in Patna, in the North Eastern State of Bihar. She took her First Vows  in the year 1996 in Patna and her Final Vows in 2003. She is a trained lawyer. She fought cases specially for the poor, rape victims and their families as was a member of the Asian Movement against Human Trafficking. 
She herself writes:
“I said YES to this mission because I felt that it is the need of the time to work in collaboration with our sister congregation as our aim, vision  and mission are the same. We belong to the same family of Mary Ward and one of the mandates of  the General Congregation 2011 was to "take advice and action in establishing CJ representation at UN/or other international forums" (GC 2011 M5 - Justice and Peace) and also to "explore further inter-branch collaboration"(GC 2011 M9 – Union [with the IBVM]. I was explained about it and was asked if I was ready for this mission. I said YES to it thinking of the universal mission and the good of the CJ family I belong to. Though I said “YES” readily and was very excited about this specially  new and  challenging mission, as the time for me to leave my country, place of work, people etc. drew near   it was hard for me. But I believed and trusted in the Lord as HE has a plan for me, a plan for my good and the good of others. I realized  that when I said YES to the Lord I belong to the whole universe and not just to a particular region, nation, people or work. I came here as an Indian Citizen but I am convinced  that I go back as a Global Citizen. I am sure this experience will make me more equipped for my future work … wherever I will be.
The photo shows Sr. Cynthia together with Sr. Cecilia O’Dwyer IBVM 
(text and photo: Sr. Cynthia CJ and others)

This news item expired on 20/02/2018.

Crib and Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square.

The crib this year is unusual. It shows 20 life-size figures in terracotta, symbolising the works of mercy: feeing the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and prisoners, welcoming strangers and the homeless. The Holy Family is among all these people in need of help; it could easily be overlooked. 
The 2017 crib is embedded in the needs of the world. It is an invitation not to stay with the Christmas idyll, but to be merciful as God, who takes to himself the poor and needy,  is merciful: ‚Whatever you do for the least of my brothers,  you do for me.‘  Mt 25,40    
The Three Kings have already come, and are part of the picture. But the Christ Child is still hidden, not yet to be seen.
This year the Christmas tree comes from Poland. The diocese of Elk in North Poland  gave the 28-metre Norwegian spruce, and the decorations come from children with cancer, who are supported by a charity. Children from the earthquake area in mid-Italy stand beside them. 

This news item expired on 18/02/2018.