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Feast of the Annunciation

In our CJ Complementary Norms [CN 10.2] we are reminded that - “All her life Mary Ward loved and reverenced the Mother of the Lord…Mary shared in the life and work of Jesus in a particular way.  We commend ourselves and our mission to her, as individuals and as the Congregatio Jesu…”

Today, the Feast of the Annunciation, we would like to share with you a prayer to Our Lady sent by Sister Esther Villahoz of the Spanish Province, and with this prayer to commend our forthcoming General Congregation to the intercession of Our Lady.



Prayer to Mary, woman of listening*

Mary, woman of listening, open our ears; grant us to know how to listen to the word of your Son Jesus among the thousands of words of this world; grant that we may listen to the reality in which we live, to every person we encounter, especially those who are poor, in need, in hardship.

Mary, woman of decision, illuminate our mind and our heart, so that we may obey, unhesitating, the word of your Son Jesus; give us the courage to decide, not to let ourselves be dragged along, letting others direct our life.

Mary, woman of action, obtain that our hands and feet move “with haste” toward others, to bring them the charity and love of your Son Jesus, to bring the light of the Gospel to the world, as you did.




This news item expired on 25/05/2020.


Please join us in praying this prayer for our world at this difficult time as we ask God to bless and accompany all of us, His people, whether sick or well, and in particular those who are working so hard to care for those who are sick.

This news item expired on 18/05/2020.

Coronavirus and its implications

As many parts of our world face the reality of the coronavirus and its implications, especially in Italy, South Korea and China, we invite you to pray through the intercession of the Venerable Mary Ward for all who are suffering from the virus, all who have died from it and all whose lives are being disrupted by it in any way. (text: Jane CJ)

This news item expired on 12/05/2020.