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"That we may be one"

It is once again the 30th of the month, when CJ and IBVM are all invited to pray for the intention “that we may be one”…
We have uploaded a very inspiring video on our facebook page; here below you can find the related link.

This news item expired on 01/06/2019.

Visitation of the Middle European Province (MEP) - part II

From 21 March until 13 April 2019 Elisabeth CJ and Cecilia CJ will do a consultation visitation of the Middle European Province.  As the province consists of big communities extending to four different countries, the visitation will be conducted in three separate parts. This is the second part. 
The term of office of the present Provincial Superior expires at the end of the year. 
Our Constitutions require us to make detailed inquiries in the province before the appointment of a new Provincial Superior. The second part of the visitation will cover communities in the following places: Mindelheim, Augsburg, Altötting, Pfarrkirchen, Passau and Simbach.
Elisabeth and Cecilia will have conversations with all the 122 sisters. After having met each individual sister there will be a meeting of the whole community to reflect together and to have conversations about co-creating the future of the Congregatio Jesu.  (text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 20/05/2019.

Spring in Via Nomentana 250

This news item expired on 13/05/2019.