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Visitation of the Slovak Province

From   2 July until 9 August 2018 Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ, General Assistant responsible for the Slovak Province, and Sr. Elena Gatica CJ, were in Slovakia.  The reason for their visit was that the term of office of the present Provincial Superior ends on 1 December and our Constitutions require the Generalate to form a comprehensive picture of the province in order to make a good decision as who should be the next Provincial Superior.
Sr. Elisabeth and Sr. Elena visited all the communities and missions of the province and had conversations with all 157 sisters. Many sisters are engaged in pastoral and social ministries, including working with children and young people, parish catechesis, giving retreats and spiritual accompaniment and working in the Bishop’s House and the Papal Nunciature and in the field of communication. About a third of all the sisters teach religion or other subjects in schools or universities. Some sisters work with Roma people, some care for abused and trafficked women, drug addicts, old people, and the sick and dying too.
The sisters mainly live in small communities spread throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. Some sisters work in other countries such as Italy, Germany, England and Spain. The community in Prešov is the biggest with 37 members. Many of the sisters are old and need care. They are the generation, which kept the congregation alive through very difficult times after the Communists expelled the sisters from their school in Prešov, in the hope that they would give up religious life. Not even one member left the congregation in those days.  
At the end of the visit in each community, there was a meeting to discuss the future. (photos 5 and 6). The question we asked  was “Mary Ward originally wanted to enter a convent and live cut off from the world, but God called her to ‘something other’: to a life of service for others, in the world. What does that mean, concretely, for us today?”(Text and photos: Elisabeth CJ)

This news item expired on 17/11/2018.

The Global Sisters Report project

Two CJ sisters, Sister Cynthia Mathew of the Patna Province and Sister Mercy Shumbamhini of the Zimbabwe Region have both been invited to be part of a project called the Global Sisters Report, which involves women religious sharing some aspect of their mission and ministry with a global online audience.  Below you can find the links in which each of them shares her story.

This news item expired on 05/11/2018.

Generative Listening and Speaking – an August invitation.

For the month of August we invite you, if you have arrived at this page, to watch, listen to and reflect on the presentation on Generative Listening and Speaking. These two “tools” for deepening our understanding of one another and of our reality have become very important across our congregation during the past year and we would like to share them more widely.
The power point presentation has been created by Carla Bellone using material provided by Matthieu Daum [www.nexusconsultation.com], who is accompanying us in the process and journey leading to our next General Congregation, which will be in 2020.
All the images are from photographs taken by the late Cecilia Goodman CJ of the English Province.

New articles for “Recent News” will resume in early September.

This news item expired on 01/10/2018.