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Visit to the CJ mission in San Salvador – 1 to 4 October 2017

After their consultation visit to the Chile province Sisters Elena and Jane paid a brief visit to our mission in San Salvador in the troubled country of El Salvador in Central America.  Sister Martha Zechmeister has been teaching theology on a permanent basis in the Jesuit University of Central America (UCA) for around ten years now, having visited for many years prior to that to give an intensive five week theology course in the summer vacation.  The university has for a long time been a beacon of the kind of theology forged in both pastoral praxis and, indeed, martyrdom.  The first of these martyrs was, of course, Blessed Oscar Romero, born 100 years ago this year and murdered whilst saying Mass in the chapel of the Carmelite Missionaries of Saint Theresa in San Salvador on 24 March 1980, three years after having been appointed Archbishop of San Salvador.  Archbishop Romero became, and remains, the voice of the Salvadorean people, who have been subjected to war and violence for many decades now.  Even though the country’s civil war officially ended twenty five years ago, it is clear to everyone that violence still stalks all parts of El Salvador and that that violence comes as much from the supposed forces of law and order as it does from the “mara” (gangs).  The stories that we were told were deeply disturbing, but the witness of the courage of both Monsenor Romero and of the Jesuit martyrs killed, together with their housekeeper and her daughter in 1989, together with that of many others killed for standing for justice in a deeply unjust country and society, keep hope alive for the people of El Salvador.
Martha’s mission in San Salvador is not limited only to her role in the theology faculty, in particular running the Master’s programme, but also extends to opening our house to nine young women from outside the capital city in order that they can have somewhere to live and be safe whilst studying either at UCA or at other further education centres.  This year two of our own temporary professed members, Sister Katterin from Chile and Sistre Fabiana from Brazil have also joined the community in order to study theology at the university for the next four years.
The photographs show Sister Elena praying in the chapel in which Archbishop Romero was murdered (almost certainly by the army), the small house in which he lived, having decided to vacate the episcopal palace, the chapel of the University of Central America and the first half of the very powerful (and disturbing) Stations of the people of El Salvador at the back of that chapel.
[Text and photos: jfl cj]

This news item expired on 11/12/2017.

Impressions of the visitation in Bangalore Region.

From 8th September – 2nd October Prisca CJ  and Elizabeth CJ visited Bangalore, where the present  Regional Superior’s term of office will end in April next year. Before making the decision about a successor, the Generalate must get a picture of the situation on the spot, visit all the works and talk with every sister. 
Education and training is an important field of apostolic activity for the sisters in South India. They run six schools in four different States: Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The following photos give an impression of the welcome- programme given by the school in Pizhaku, Kerala, and of the religious community. 
In Thuruthipuram and Umralla the sisters do pastoral work. In Umralla they offer, among other things, a programme for the ‚very small‘ children who come to the house for an hour and a half to sing and play with each other,  and to learn their first words of English. The photos show the community of sisters in Thuruthipuram, and the fostering of the little ones in Umralla.
In July 2017 a new mission station was opened in Kahnapur, to help deaf and dumb children. One sister has already received professional training for this. The beginning is hard work.They are planning to begin the educational work next year. First the sisters have to prepare the land for cultivation. They have already laid a track, and planted maize and beans.

This news item expired on 06/12/2017.

Provincial Assembly and ERC meeting in Romania

On August 31st, we had the great pleasure of having among us Sr. Jane for ongoing formation. She explained to us “the JUST SOUL’ vision and the three most important characteristics of it: freedom, sincerity and justice, focusing on Mary Ward’s experience and teachings.
At the beginning of September we hosted the ERC meeting where the European provincials of CJ shared their experiences of the last year and looked for new plans and meetings in order to foster unity among the members. The facilitator was Philip Endean SJ. 
We are very grateful for these two major events of autumn! May God help us to put into practice the decision we have made!

This news item expired on 25/11/2017.