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Meeting of the German speaking sisters in Rome in the Generalate of the Congregatio Jesu

For many years now it has been the custom for the German speaking sisters in Rome to meet once a month. The November meeting in 2016 was on the Monday after the feast of Christ the King. The topic was: Migrants Project of the UISG (Union of International Superiors General) - the challenge to go to the margins. Pat Murray IBVM, the General Secretary of the UISG, reported about the experience of the ten sisters, who were missioned in December 2015 to go to Sicily to care for the many migrants there.  In her view the challenge for the religious of today is - to leave your comfort zone and to go out where the people need you. A big thank you to Sr. Dominica Michalke SSND who did the translation for us. 
(Photo no 2: left Sr. Pat Murray IBVM, right Sr. Dominika Michalke SSND; text and photos/eka) 

This news item expired on 24/01/2017.

Four CJ sisters of the Rumanian Province visit Rome

At the end of the Year of Mercy, four sisters from the Rumanian Province made a pilgrimage to Rome.
They visited many important places here in Rome, but the climax for them was the visit to the chapel of the Venerable English College. Here they were very moved by feeling the strength of their connection with the first members of the CJ.  A plaque in the church reminds us all of the first companions of Mary Ward who died here in Rome, including her younger sister Barbara. On the last day of their visit they took part in the Eucharistic celebration in St. Peter’s Square during which the Holy Door was closed and the Year of Mercy officially ended.  For all of them this was the first visit to Rome and a very happy one.   (text and photos/eka and Lucia CJ) 

This news item expired on 22/01/2017.

Pilgrimage made by the Generalate team

On Friday 11 November the whole Generalate team, together with Carla (Assistant Secretary), Giovanna (Finance Administrator) and Sr. Maryluke CJ from the English Province set out on a pilgrimage, because it was the last chance, while everyone was here, to go through one of the Holy Doors in Rome as a team, since they will be closed on 20 November. 
The first stop was in the Basilica di Santa Prassede, which was the parish church used by Mary Ward and her sisters when she lived in Rome for the last time. 
On 21 May 1631 the Bull of suppression of the Institute was published in Rome, so Mary Ward was obliged to travel to Rome. She reached Rome at the beginning of March 1632. She was granted an audience by Pope Urban VIII during that month. Later the Cardinals of the Inquisition declared that Mary Ward and her companions were not guilty of any failure against the faith. The 23 companions were  therefore allowed to stay together and live as a community.
Our pilgrimage gave us the opportunity to reflect on this very difficult part of the history of the Institute and to pray and give thanks that the Institute now has the full recognition of the Church.
At the end of the pilgrimage we were all able to go through the Holy Door into the church of Santa Maria Maggiore and to have another time for personal prayer. Before going back to Via Nomentana we enjoyed a meal together in one of the restaurants in the main railway station Termini.
(text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 14/01/2017.