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Sister Jane CJ and Sister Noelle IBVM in Irland

Sister Jane CJ is in Ireland at the moment together with Sister Noelle Corscadden, her IBVM counterpart. You will find their blog at https://tourofirelandmwsisters.wordpress.com/

This news item expired on 04/09/2018.

Farewell to the CJ sisters in Jerusalem

After nearly 30 years of service, the mission of the Congregatio Jesu in Jerusalem came to an end. On Thursday 28th of June 2018, there was an official farewell to the four sisters who were responsible for the Paulushaus – a guesthouse mainly for German pilgrims to the Holy Land and for the Schmidt School- a school for Palestinian girls. Both institutions are located in East Jerusalem, just opposite the Damascus Gate.
The owner of both institutions is the German Association of the Holy Land. In this period of 30 years there were about 20 sisters who were involved in this mission at various stages of its History. It has always been an international community. The last four sisters were from Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Korea.
During these years the sisters were engaged in bringing up standard of the school which now has become an “Excellent German School Abroad”. In the Paulushaus they had to put up with long periods of reconstruction work because the kitchen, the heating system and the facilities in the dining room had to be renewed. Now Sr. Heidrun Raabe CJ, Sr. Ecaterina Ciobanu CJ, Sr. Josephina Lee CJ and Sr. Julia MilĨová CJ will leave Jerusalem and each will  return to her Province of origin.  
The official farewell began with a solemn Holy Mass in the chapel of the Schmidt School. H.E. Monsignor Giacinto – Boulos Marcuzzo was the main celebrant. Others concelebrated; among them were some of  Benedictines from the Domitio Abbey. In the prayers during Holy Mass and in the blessing at the end, deep gratitude was expressed for their commitment to the pupils and to the many guests.
This gratitude was  deepened in the speeches that followed during the reception in the Paulushaus. Those who spoke were H.E. Monsignore Marcuzzo , Peter Beerwerth the Representative of Germany in Ramallah, Jane Livesey CJ,  General Superior of the Congregatio Jesu, (photo Nr. 9) and Mr. Thiel, the General Secretary of the German Association of the Holy Land (photo Nr. 10). All expressed great gratitude for the wonderful commitment of the sisters over the many years. As one chapter of the history of the Schmidt-school and the Paulushaus comes  to an end, another new chapter begins.  
From now on the German Association of the Holy Land will no longer be just the “owner” of the Schmidt school and the Paulushaus, but will also take full responsibility for the running of both institutions under the guidance of Mr. Röwekamp, who is the representative of the German Association in Jerusalem.  Mrs. Schönemann has already been headmistress for one year and has grown into this new responsibility. She succeeds Mr. Hocke who was the former headmaster. Monsignor Wahl will be the new director of the Paulushaus. As a symbolic gesture Sr. Heidrun handed over the key of the Paulushaus to him. At the end of the farewell all were  invited to a delicious buffet. 
 (text: Elisabeth CJ; photos Elisabeth CJ and Peter Mahall Dormitio)

This news item expired on 02/09/2018.

Garden Party for the Official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

On Thursday 21 June 2018, the British Embassy to the Holy See once again hosted its annual garden party in honour of the Official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in the garden of Via Nomentana 250.  Around 200 guests enjoyed the garden and typically British food, including miniature fish and chips.
Sister Jane began the evening by welcoming the guests to our house and noted that it was very apt that the Embassy should be hosting its garden party in the house of one of the very few religious congregations to be founded by an Englishwoman.  She also noted that Mary Ward, born in 1585, was born in the reign of the first Queen Elizabeth and that the second Queen Elizabeth has in many ways shown the virtues of the Just Soul in her many years as Queen – showing freedom to refer to all to God, justice towards others and sincerity of heart.  (text: Jane, photos: Elisabeth)

This news item expired on 25/08/2018.