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Farewell for Anusha George CJ

“Live long and prosper” with this greeting we said Good Bye to Anusha George CJ who left Rome on 8th November 2018. She was here in Italy for 9 years.  After learning Italian she began her studies in communications at the Salesian Pontifical University and got her doctorate in July. Now she is back in the Delhi Province in India.
All the sisters of the Roman community miss her very much. We miss her joyfulness, her laughter and her help in so many areas. We will stay in contact with each other and we will pray for each other, that we will all grow and prosper and be blessed by the Lord. (text and photos/Eli) 

This news item expired on 12/01/2019.

Canonization of Monsignor Oscar Romero

On Sunday, 14 October, Pope Francis canonized seven “Blesseds” including Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero. This was more than a happy coincidence, because it was precisely Paul VI, the then Pope, who appointed Romero as Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977. The repression of the Salvadorean people, his closeness to the poor, his faith in the Lord Jesus and, ultimately, the murder of Fr. Rutilio Grande led Archbishop Romero to become the prophet of justice. As a pastor and prophet, he denounced the systematic violation of human rights in his country, and publicly expressed his solidarity with the victims of political violence. That is why Archbishop Romero was killed while celebrating Mass. The pastor became a lamb on the same altar. After his death, many considered him a martyr. Several churches kept up devotion to Romero from the beginning. The United Nations, as of November 2010, recognized March 24, the date of his assassination, as the International Day of the Right to Truth in relation to Serious Violations of Human Rights and the Dignity of Victims. The official declaration of the Church on his sanctity was long awaited. Romero, 14th of the "Saint of the Americas" has now become a universally recognized saint.
(Text: EG, photos: JL)
Photo 1: Photo of the seven Blesseds who were canonized.
Photo 2: Some sisters who took part in the CJ Formation Conference had the opportunity to attend the canonization.
Photos 3 and 4: Salvadoran children at the canonization.

This news item expired on 22/12/2018.

Visitation of Zimbabwe Region and Delhi Province

From 17 October to 7 November 2018, Cecilia Yeom CJ and Elisabeth Kampe CJ will make the canonical visitation of the Zimbabwe Region. At about the same time, from 20 October to 30 November 2018 Prisca Vadakepoondikulam CJ and Elena Gatica CJ will make a canonical visitation of the Delhi Province Delhi in India. Our Constitutions require us to make detailed inquiries in the Region or Province before the appointment of a new Regional or Provincial Superior. Therefore, Cecilia and Elisabeth will visit all the communities in Zimbabwe and speak with each sister. Prisca and Elena will do the same in the Delhi Province.  (text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 19/12/2018.