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Looking back at the last two days of the PRSC

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked on becoming familiar with the U-Theory and the U-Process. The principal message of this theory is that real change in organizations is a transforming process. Sensing the reality and becoming aware of our mental models is needed in order to see and understand what needs to change. For all of us it was clear that this was only the first step on this process of change, which we need to continue. 
On Wednesday evening, we celebrated the Eucharist, presided over by Father Carl Tranter MSC, to thank the Lord for walking with us through these days.  (Text and photos/eka)      

This news item expired on 27/06/2017.

Looking back at the last few days of the PRSC in Rome

The main aim of these days was to realize the emerging picture of our collective reality in our Congregatio Jesu.  Each sister was asked to draw a metaphor of how she sees the whole body of the Congregatio Jesu at this time in our history.  Sharing these pictures and trying to understand what they tell us was the main work of the last days. On Sunday evening Matthieu Daum, our facilitator, joined us to accompany our work until the end of our PRSC. 

This news item expired on 26/06/2017.

Second day of the PRSC in Rome

The focus of the second day was looking back at the changes each sister had experienced since she joined the CJ and what impact the adopting of the Constitutions in 2003 had on us as a congregation. The questions we reflected on were “What have been the positive impacts since [adopting the Constitutions]? What have been the struggles in living and embodying them?”
The main work was done in groups, followed by sharing in the plenary. The groups were small: only three or four members per group.  In order to communicate well we have five translators this time. This makes it possible for the group members from various continents to mix and share more freely. Expressing ideas through pictures and sharing them afterwards in the Plenum brought us to the conclusion of the session.

This news item expired on 22/06/2017.