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International Women’s Day celebrations in CJ schools, Nepal

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah says, “Words are important; actions are vital, but don’t just show your thoughts through your words or actions! Let your unique works speak your thought and action!” 
8th March, 2018, International Women’s Day was in every way a unique day for St. Mary’s sisters and teachers as we visited an old age home, orphanage and hospice for the AIDS patients in three groups.”We are fortunate women in spite of all our little pains and sorrows and we want to make a little difference in the lives of other women at least for a day” was the uppermost feeling in each heart as we made preparations for this day. “The happiness we achieved was something inexplicable”, said one of the teachers with a genuine smile on her face. “I am going there again with my family”, said the other who was misty eyed. Undoubtedly, the hearts of the visitors were brimful of strong emotions. They could hardly stop the tear drops rolling down their cheeks listening to the heart rending tales of the inmates. 
Thus, the blissful day gifted incomparable lasting memories to each faithful participant of this charitable act. We understood that the hearts of the needy is God’s dwelling place. We not only took rations and other necessary things to these different places, but also rendered our pure service by cleaning their houses, cooking for them, feeding them, entertaining them and the best of all, listening to their unheard stories.
While the teachers went out in service to others, the mothers of Our Mary Ward schools Lubhu and Jhamsikhel were learning home therapy for different sicknesses from Dr. Sarla Lama. She educated them on hygiene, safe environment for the children and how to become doctors to their own family members without approaching a medical doctor.  (Text and Photos: CJ sisters in Nepal)

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Meeting of Loreto sisters in the Generalate of the Congregation of Jesus (CJ)

The   IBVM (Loreto) Generalate team and 7 IBVM sisters from around the world - Kenya, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Peru and Zambia - are engaged in a special meeting in Via Nomentana 250, Rome. This meeting began on 11th March and will conclude on 17th March. It is the  second phase of ‘Co-creating our way’ in order to create a process through which the membership of the Institute can make meaning of the feedback from Phase 1,with the hope that together they will create their way of being leaders. The IBVM (Loreto) and the CJ are one family whose foundress is Venerable Mary Ward.
After the first phase last year material was circulated with questions to be shared among conversation circles throughout the whole congregation. 
In this meeting they hope to create a process that will help all to go deeper and find deeper meaning in the feedback received from Phase 1.
We, the CJ sisters, are grateful to have another opportunity to support and collaborate in this special endeavor.   
(text and pictures/eka)

This news item expired on 16/05/2018.

Visitation in the Nepal Region

The consultation visitation of the Nepal region was done by  the two General Assistants Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Prisca from February 12th to 20th .They met all the 34 sisters in the 8 communities of the region, namely, Kathmandu, Jamshikhel, Lubhu, Godavari, Gorkha, Pokhara, Biratnagar and Sirsia. While in Biratnagar they also managed to make a quick visit to the IBVM house. They could find only Sr. Barbara IBVM there with the hostellers from poor families of whom she takes care (Photo 1). The communities in Kathmandu, Gorkha, Pokhara, and Biratnagar run English Medium Schools. The two schools in Lubhu and Jamshikhel are Mary Ward schools run for the poorest of the poor with help from the bigger schools in the Region and the ex-students Association, ASMAN (Photo 2). In Godavari is the formation house for candidates. There are seven candidates at present and Sr. Edwina Peechattu takes care of them, with the help of Sr. Karuna Shrestha, one of the temporary professed sisters of the Region and a native of Nepal.  In Sirsia we collaborate with the Salesians in the school and also run a mobile clinic in collaboration with the Jesuits. Sr. Neelu, a trained nurse, takes care of the mobile clinic. Srs. Smitha and Amrita look after the hostel girls who come from very poor families in East Nepa, besides teaching and social work (Photos 3 + 4).
(Text and Photos: Prisca and Cecilia)

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