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Liturgy of incorporation of the CJ Hungarian Province into the Middle European Province (MEP)

On Saturday 2 September at the community house in Zugliget all the members of the CJ Hungarian Province, together with lay colleagues and friends and representatives from the MEP (Sister Sabine, the Provincial Superior, and Sisters Veronica and Irene), together with Sister Jane, came together to mark the incorporation of the Hungarian Province into the Middle European Province. Sadly, Sisters Elisabeth and Elena from the Generalate, who had accompanied the Hungarian members in the discernment process regarding their future, were unable to attend as a violent thunderstorm in Rome the previous day had resulted in the cancellation of their plane.
The occasion was a Liturgy of the Word, prepared by Sister Judit, the outgoing Provincial of the Hungarian Province. It was based on St Paul's reminder to the Romans that, though there are many members, all belong to the one Body and should put their various gifts at the service of the Body.
During the service, the rich history of the Hungarian Province, especially in the apostolate of education, was acknowledged and honoured. Sister Judit also recalled the nine years of her term of office and spoke of her gratitude to both sisters and lay colleagues for all their efforts, especially on the face of some demanding challenges.
All were encouraged to continue using their gifts in God's service in the future, as they have done until now. Sister Jane said that the generosity of both the Hungarian members in taking this courageous step into the future and the generosity of the MEP in welcoming the Hungarian members with open arms and open hearts, were in themselves the kind of gifts to which St Paul was referring. Sister Sabine suggested that the incorporation process was prophetically counter to the prevailing increase in isolationism in Europe and the wider world.
During the service, Sisters Veronica from the MEP and Viktoria and Brigitta of the Hungarian province were given their new missions in relation to the care of the Hungarian members and the houses and works in Hungary. Sister Veronica will be the bridge between the Hungarian members and the MEP leadership.
The liturgy was full of gratitude and very moving, and afterwards all came together for some very traditional Hungarian coffee, cake and ice cream. (text: Jane; photos: Attila)

This news item expired on 05/11/2017.

Blessing of the Khanapur residence in Bangalore Region/India

The Bangalore Region has decided to begin a new ministry educating deaf and dumb children as this is an area of great need. The three sisters who will initiate this ministry are Srs. Nelcy and Cyrilla of the Bangalore Region and Sr. Susan of the Delhi Province. On Sunday, 30 July 2017, after the Holy Eucharist, the Bishop of Belgaum blessed the new residence of the sisters. The sisters will be surveying the nearby areas before they begin the admission of children with special needs. The new mission is situated in the village of Khanapur in the Belgaum district of Karnataka State. (Text: Prisca CJ; photos: sisters of Bangalore Region) 

This news item expired on 04/11/2017.


Beginning with 1 of August 2017 also in the Generalate summer time has begun. Plans for the coming weeks are quite different. Each one will have some time for holiday. Some will attend the Conference of the Friends of Mary Ward in York, England. Others plan to make their annual retreat and do some work in preparation of the visitations in autumn. At the beginning of September we will all be back again as we have our first Council meeting on the 4 September. (text and photo/eka)

This news item expired on 03/10/2017.