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PRSC and ELM in Rome

All provincial and regional superiors as well as the two Generalate teams of the CJ (PRSC) and the Loreto Sisters (ELM – Extended Leadership Team) met on Friday 27 April in Via Nomentana. This was the second meeting of the two groups. Exactly one year ago, on 27 April 2017, the first meeting took place. Both congregations have Mary Ward as their foundress. Historical and political issues in the 19th century and in later times are responsible for the fact that the two congregations developed independently.
The General Superiors, Jane Livesey CJ and Noelle Corscadden IBVM, opened the day. Then Mary Wright IBVM gave an input in which she pointed out very clearly that in the history of both congregations there had again and again been efforts to come together – or rather there are letters and other evidence which show very clearly that they even considered themselves as one Institute, although they lived in different places and had to be careful of a diversity of jurisdictions by different bishops etc.
In the afternoon Elena CJ and Macarena IBVM invited us to consider in small groups the next steps which might be taken on our way to coming together. The joint day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist with Fr. John Dardis SJ, and a splendid dinner to which all were invited in the Generalate of the IBVM.
With music and dancing we started the afternoon and for all of us it became clear that we would do everything to promote our network.  (text and photos/eka)

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PRSC in Rome

Our meeting is continuing. Every morning before we go into our meeting room Franti┼íka greets us and asks each one to take a card which will decide at which table we sit for the rest of the day and who our neighbours will be. 
In our work we continued to discern about the future of our congregation. Matthieu Daum gave us some very helpful inputs about the U-process, which is a theory to understand the steps an organisation has to work through in order to bring about change. We need to deepen our “sensing of reality” as the whole Body of the CJ, we need to sense the reality of the world around us and how to involve all the members in this process in order to co-create the future.
We had a lot of group discussion, meeting in pairs. As the sun is shining every day, group meetings can also be in the garden
On Wednesday morning Helen Harrington, who was asked to make a Congregation Study of the CJ, presented her the work she has done so far, which involves the present and future demographics of the congregation.  This gave us very helpful insights into the changes in the membership of the CJ at the moment and what it will look like in 2037.  
We all are very thankful to have our translators who help us to communicate with each other. Marilù translates from Spanish and Italian to English and back and Monika CJ from the MEP helps the German speaking sisters to understand everything. In order that the working groups too can be international Estela CJ from Argentina, Otilia CJ from Romania and Helena CJ from Korea translate for them.
Not to forget: To be awake and fit for the afternoon session we begin with a dance.
(text and photos/eka)

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PRSC in Rome

The meeting of all the Provincial and Regional Superiors of the CJ continue here in Rome. “Is the CJ future-fit?” was the question around which there was group work, sharing and discussion in the plenary session. We are still continuing to respond to this challenging question. On Saturday we made a pilgrimage to the Holy House of Loreto, because of its association with both CJ and IBVM. This beautiful spot in Italy inspires many people to come and seek Our Lady’s intercession.  On her first visit to Rome in 1621, Mary Ward also prayed in the Holy House of Loreto.  (Text and photos/eka)


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