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Visitation in the Nepal Region

The consultation visitation of the Nepal region was done by  the two General Assistants Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Prisca from February 12th to 20th .They met all the 34 sisters in the 8 communities of the region, namely, Kathmandu, Jamshikhel, Lubhu, Godavari, Gorkha, Pokhara, Biratnagar and Sirsia. While in Biratnagar they also managed to make a quick visit to the IBVM house. They could find only Sr. Barbara IBVM there with the hostellers from poor families of whom she takes care (Photo 1). The communities in Kathmandu, Gorkha, Pokhara, and Biratnagar run English Medium Schools. The two schools in Lubhu and Jamshikhel are Mary Ward schools run for the poorest of the poor with help from the bigger schools in the Region and the ex-students Association, ASMAN (Photo 2). In Godavari is the formation house for candidates. There are seven candidates at present and Sr. Edwina Peechattu takes care of them, with the help of Sr. Karuna Shrestha, one of the temporary professed sisters of the Region and a native of Nepal.  In Sirsia we collaborate with the Salesians in the school and also run a mobile clinic in collaboration with the Jesuits. Sr. Neelu, a trained nurse, takes care of the mobile clinic. Srs. Smitha and Amrita look after the hostel girls who come from very poor families in East Nepa, besides teaching and social work (Photos 3 + 4).
(Text and Photos: Prisca and Cecilia)

This news item expired on 09/05/2018.

Visitation of the Spanish Province

From Friday 16 until Wednesday 28 February Elena Gatica CJ and Elisabeth Kampe CJ visited the Spanish Province. We began with a Province Assembly. All the 25 sisters of the province were present and participated in the whole program of the day, which among other topics invited them to reflect about the future of this part of the CJ in Spain.  (photos 1-2) 
At the moment the main ministry of the sisters is education, as well as pastoral work in parishes, social volunteering and social work at the Mary Ward Home for children in Alza. The province still has full responsibility for the schools in San Sebastian and Badalona. (photo 3 school in Badalona; photo 4 CJ community in Barcelona) The total number of pupils, counting the two schools together, is about 1360. The school in Barcelona was recently taken over by the Narcis Jubany Foundation, which is under the Christian School of Catalonia, but the sisters can continue to work in the school as they have done up to now. 
During the visitation Elena and Elisabeth had the chance to visit the five communities and talk with all the sisters. It is amazing what the sisters of the CJ in Spain have accomplished in the 79 years since the province was founded.
(Text and Fotos: Elena and Elisabeth) 

This news item expired on 05/05/2018.

Generalate – Patna Province/India

On 1 March 2018, Sr. Kiran Muthukulanthil CJ  will be missioned as the new Provincial Superior of the Patna  Province/India), as Sr. Vimla finishes her term of office.
All the sisters of the CJ Generalate wish her all the best in the coming six years and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that she will be able to lead her province in love and discernment. We assure her of our prayer and support as she begins her new mission. (text and photo/eka) 

This news item expired on 26/04/2018.