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Visitation in the Korean province.

From  12th October until 1st  December 2017 Sr. Cecilia Yeom CJ, who is the General Assistant with responsibility for the Korean Province, and Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ , were in Korea. In September 2018 the present Provincial’s term of office comes to an end, and the Constitutions require the generalate to form a comprehensive picture of the province, in order to make a good decision on who should be the next Provincial.
Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Elisabeth had many conversations, and visited many institutions in which the 241 sisters in the province are working. In Daejeon they run a centre for adult formation, a primary school and a grammar-school with about 1500 pupils. In Iksan there is a hospital, with a hospice, care-home and day-centre for senior citizens. About 40 sisters work in parishes all over Korea. Some individual sisters work abroad, in Korean communities in Germany, for example. As the conclusion of the visit to each community there was a meeting, at which the future of the Congregatio Jesu was discussed.  Mary Ward originally wanted to enter a convent and live cut off from the world, but God called her to ‚something other‘: to a life of service for others, in the world. What does that mean, concretely, for us today? (Text and photos: Cecilia and Elisabeth)
Photo 1: Sisters in the out-stations of a parish, with Srs. Cecilia und Elisabeth (2. + 3.from right)
Photo 2: Headmistress of the primary school in Daejeon with a portrait painted by a pupil. 
Photo 3: Hospice team in Iksan
Photo 4: Some sisters from the community in Hyehwa/Seoul
Photo 5: Supper with the community in Boeun
Photo 6: Sharing during the meeting at the end of the visitation 

This news item expired on 14/02/2018.

Visitation in the Patna Province/India

The consultation visitation of the Patna Province began on 14 October and concluded on 15 November 2017. This new process of one to one conversation with each member, after the written consultation responses were sent back to the Province for prayerful study and discussion, proved a very helpful part of the discernment process before appointing a new Provincial Superior, when the term of office of Sister Vimla Plammoottil as Provincial Superior comes to an end in February 2018.  Sisters Jane and Prisca met 121 members of the Patna Province, which spreads widely across the North and North East of India, in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim. St. Joseph’s convent, Bankipore, Patna is the first foundation of the CJ (1853) in India.  The Patna Province comprises many cultures and languages, and some of the communities are distant from each other, demanding some long travels. Jane and Prisca could not visit the community in Singala because of the” fallout” of the earlier Gorkhaland agitation in Darjeeling and Singala. The sisters of Singala community came to Sikkim and they were met in our community in Namchi (South Sikkim). The Patna Province has a variety of ministries including education, health, social action and pastoral work. The Province gave a very warm and affectionate welcome to Jane and Prisca in all the communities. The community in Lohardaga, near Ranchi, is the most recent foundation. The consultation visitation concluded with the meeting with Sr. Vimla and her Provincial Team on 15 November. 16 November was solely devoted to sessions with the three Provincial and two Regional Superiors - Sr. Vimla (Patna Province), Sr. Pratima (Delhi Province), Sr. Roshni (Allahabad Province), Sr. Alma (Bangalore Region) and Sr. Marilyn (Nepal Region) of COIN (Conference of India and Nepal).
(Text: Prisca CJ; Fotos: CJ sisters in Patna Province)
No 1 Srs. Jane and Prisca with children of Namchi Kindergarten
No 2 Dance by the students of St. Joseph’s School in Patna
No 3 Srs. Jane and Prisca receiving cards made by the children of St. Joseph’s School in Patna
No 4 Girls from Lohardaga hostel presenting a flower dance

This news item expired on 07/02/2018.

International CJ/IBVM community in Manila.

During the visitation of the Korean Province Sr. Cecilia and Sr. Elisabeth also visited the sisters in Manila, where since 2013 there has been a community in which CJ and IBVM sisters live together. At the moment there are ten sisters, eight CJ and two IBVM (Loreto). Sr. Bosco Lee CJ and Sr. Christine Burke from the Australian Province IBVM are the pioneers of this first joint community project. Seven of the sisters are studying theology at various universities in Manila, one of them Sr. Monica IBVM from North America. They all live together in a house rented by the two generalates. Our experience was that the internationality of this community is very enriching. 
One sister, Sr. Theresa Jeong from the Korean Province CJ, has a social mission. Last summer she began to build up the ‘Mary Ward Learning Centre’ for a nearby slum area. From 2p.m.  the door is open for children who need support and help with homework. A lady has lent part of her large terrace for this project. Sr. Theresa is beginning in a small way, with fifteen children who have enrolled; at the moment there is no room for more, but certainly there will be more in future.
(Text and photos: Cecilia CJ and Elisabeth CJ)

This news item expired on 16/01/2018.