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Now it’s getting hot here in Rome

This news item expired on 15/07/2017.

Joint meeting of the CJ and IBVM sisters - 27 April 2017

It was the first time in history that the entire Provincial and Regional Superiors and the General Leadership teams of both CJ and IBVM met together. In their opening words Jane and Noelle, the General Superiors of both congregations, welcomed us all. They expressed their joy that it was possible to arrange this meeting and that it is one more step towards a union sometime in the future.

The next step in the morning was that we met in groups to get to know each other better. Each one was asked to share a symbol of her vocation and then each group invited to present the fruits of this sharing in the plenary as a dance, a drawing, a song or any other creative form of expression. The results were amazing, considering that we only had a very short time to create it. After the break, we were invited to share the many opportunities for collaboration that we have jointly experienced: we remembered the Loreto sisters who came to Germany to visit Mary Ward places and the Painted Life in Augsburg.  Some sisters shared the close connection between the Loreto sisters and the CJ in India, South America, Asia and Africa. It was wonderful to hear the history of our already existing connectedness.  
In the afternoon Cecilia O’Dwyer IBVM who works at the UN in New York, shared her experience in this mission. In the near future, a member of the CJ, Sister Cynthia Mathew, of the Patna Province, will join Sr. Cecilia. This will be one more opportunity to collaborate and work together. 
At the end of the day, we celebrated Holy Mass together. The joyful singing and the drumming still resounds in the corridors of Via Nomentana.  The peak was when we all went to Loreto House to have supper together.  At the end, sisters were asked to share a song from their home country. On our musical journey, we went to Korea, Africa, Germany, Mauritius, India, Rumania, Slovakia, Latin America and Ireland. In the song by the English members everybody joined in: Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot …

This news item expired on 29/06/2017.

Looking back at the last two days of the PRSC

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked on becoming familiar with the U-Theory and the U-Process. The principal message of this theory is that real change in organizations is a transforming process. Sensing the reality and becoming aware of our mental models is needed in order to see and understand what needs to change. For all of us it was clear that this was only the first step on this process of change, which we need to continue. 
On Wednesday evening, we celebrated the Eucharist, presided over by Father Carl Tranter MSC, to thank the Lord for walking with us through these days.  (Text and photos/eka)      

This news item expired on 27/06/2017.