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Generalate – Visit of the two CJ communities in Cuba

Sister Elena, the Assistant responsible for the mission in Cuba visited the two CJ communities present on the Island. She shared the life and mission of the community of Rodas from February 8.  to 12. For the past seven years this community has been apostolically accompanying two Parishes and the so called “houses of prayer or mission”.  
Elena visited the new community in Holguin from February 14 to 24, which is now integrated by the “two Monicas”. There she was introduced to the house of the Sisters,  which is shared with the neighbors and with the small and courageous Catholic community of the neighborhood, where there is no church.  She was also introduced to a vast mission field.  
Sister Liliana (Argentina) recently had an experience of pastoral service for three months in both communities.
F.1. Iuliana and Anna in an encounter with a group of children in the oratory of the house 
F.2. Teresa sharing with the people in the yard of the house of the Sisters 
F.3. From left to right: Mónica C., Elena, Mónica J. and Liliana in the oratory where Sunday Mass is celebrated for the community. 
F.4. The “Mónicas” in the house of a committed woman from a house of prayer in the neighbourhood  

This news item expired on 15/05/2013.

Italy - Inter-Provincial Community in Schio

On Sunday, February 3, Sister Palmina (Italy) and Sister Octavia (Rumania) began a new inter-provincial apostolic community in the Holy Cross parish, Schio, Italy.  
The two Sisters were accompanied by Sister Letizia and were received by the Parish community at the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.  Sisters Palmira and Octavia, who will be joined later on by Sister Perpetua (Rumania) presented themselves saying: “We come from different roads... but now we have one only heart and we are here as a small shoot to begin our service in your Parish, and now our Parish... in this important Year of Faith we have responded to the call of the Lord and we have arrived in Schio experiencing our smallness.  We offer the Lord our five loaves and two fishes, abandoning ourselves in His powerful hands and placing our hope in Him alone” .

F. 1. From left to right: Octavia, Palmina, Perpetua and Letizia.
F. 2. At the back, the upper floor is the house of the Sisters, to the side of a chapel of the Parish Santa Cruz.  

This news item expired on 15/05/2013.

Middle European Province

Between 4th - 27 February 2013 the General Superior, Jane Livesey CJ, and the General Assistant with responsibility for the province, Elisabeth Kampe CJ, visited twelve communities of  the Middle European Province, and spoke with 102 sisters.
The reason for this visitation is the end of the present provincial’s term of office: M. Angela Fries CJ in München-Pasing. The CJ Constitutions prescribe that the appointment of a new provincial should be preceded by a gathering of accurate information in the province. This first part of the visitation took them from Bad Homburg, via Frankfurt, Nuremburg (two communities), Bamberg, Schleusingen, Fulda, Hannover, Velbert-Langenburg, Mainz, Bensheim, to Aschaffenburg. In June and August there will be further visits. 

The photos show two quite different communities:
In Schleusingen (founded in 2008) there are three sisters, engaged in pastoral work in the parish community of Suhl.
The other photo was taken in Bensheim. It is one of the communities in which older sisters live. Most of them have previously taught in the Institute’s own school. The grammar school was under Institute management from 1858, but has been taken over by the dioces of Mainz.

This news item expired on 04/05/2013.