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Roman community

In the second week  of October 2012 we had very special guests in our house: a small group of musicians from England who dedicate themselves to research into medieval music and to giving concerts of this music.
They were asked by Nigel Baker, the British Ambassador to the Holy See, to present their music at the farewell dinner for Archbishop Rowan Williams held at the British Embassy  to the Holy See.  Archbishop Williams was in Rome in his final months as Archbishop of Canterbury to address the Synod.
To thank the sisters  for the opportunity to stay in our Roman house the group presented to the community  a little concert  in our chapel  with some songs, one  composed by Hildegard  of Bingen.    They accompanied their singing  with special medieval instruments such as: a lyre,  tambourines and tiny cymbals. This concert gave us an impression of the music c 1200: a very strange sound, haunting, but very beautiful.

This news item expired on 31/12/2012.

Roman Community

On September 23rd we, the Roman community, celebrated the 70th anniversary of Sr. Mansueta Reda’s entry into the Congregatio Jesu.
Sr. Mansueta can look back on a long life.  In 1942, at the age of 18, she entered the Roman community and has stayed there ever since.  For about 45 years she worked in the school, first as a teacher, then as Headmistress and Bursar for the community at the same time.  The Sisters say that she was a very strict teacher and headmistress, but that the pupils loved her because she was fair and just, and cared for them.
On her Jubilee day we celebrated together with her a beautiful sung Mass and thanked the Lord for all the good she has been able to do, for her fidelity in her vocation  and for the good health she still enjoys.  In a few months time we are looking forward to celebrating her 90th birthday.

This news item expired on 30/11/2012.

Slovak Province - Consultation visit of the province from 12 August to 11 September 2012

The visit took place because the term of office of the present Provincial Superior and her team is coming to an end.  The Complementary Norms of the Congregatio state that “Before appointment and reappointment, specific information is obtained from members of the province.” (CN 9.43 b)
For Jane, the General Superior and for Elisabeth, the General Assistant with responsibility for the province, it was an opportunity to visit all the communities, including those in Vienna and the Czech Republic, speak with all 177 sisters and see many of the apostolic works in which the members are involved. The photos show the work of one sister in the field of media, another sister  in the hostbakery in Presov, the work with  Roma People and with women and their children in need.

This news item expired on 30/11/2012.