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News from the worldwide CJ

On the 1st  of July 2012 Sr. Pilar Urretabizkaia CJ began her term of office as the Provincial Superior of the Spanish Province.
On the 1st of October 2012 Sr. Dorothea Lee CJ  will begin her term of office as the Provincial Superior of the Korean Province.
On the 1st of September 2012 Sr. Christina Kenworthy-Browne CJ began her new mission as General Bursar. She will undertake her mission partly in Rome and partly from her community base in York in England.
We hope that all of them will get on well in their new mission and that the Lord will be with them and bless all their efforts and  endeavours.

This news item expired on 30/11/2012.

130th anniversary of the arrival of the CJ sisters in Presov-East Slovakia

On the 1st of September 2012, Bishop em. Alojz Tkáč  celebrated a Solemn Mass to commemorate the arrival of 4 sisters from St. Pölten in Presov in 1882. Bishop Dr. Constantin Schuster from Košice had invited them to come and found a school in the city. Through the education of girls he wanted to strengthen the faith in his diocese. The sisters got on very well until 1950 when the Communists forced them to leave Presov.  The school still exists as a state school.
After the revolution the sisters began once again to teach in different diocesan and state schools. They are also engaged in pastoral and social work.

This news item expired on 31/10/2012.

Middle-European Province - Augsburg

On the  27th of July the Congregatio Jesu at Augsburg celebrated their 350th anniversary. The start of the celebration was a solemn celebration of the Eucharist  in the cathedral at Augsburg. The main celebrant was the auxiliary Bishop of Augsburg DDr. Anton Losinger.  Pupils of the school  took active part in the introduction of the mass. With the image of a tree which has grown from a small seed they represented the long history of the school.  In the subsequent ceremony representatives of church and politics expressed their gratitude for the fruitful work the sisters and all the employees  who are committed to the service of the pupils up to now.

This news item expired on 01/09/2012.