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Rome – Augsburg (Middle European Province)

On the 13th of November 2012 Sr. Mechtild Meckl CJ, the former General Superior of the Congregatio Jesu, received the special Award of the Federal Republic of Germany  (Bundesverdienstkreuz). It was presented to her  by the German Ambassador to the Holy See, Dr. Reinhard Schweppe, in the presence of about 30 guests invited by Sr. Mechtild.
In his speech Dr. Schweppe thanked Sr. Mechtild for her great efforts for the education and upbringing of women and children worldwide when she  was General Superior of the Congregatio Jesu. He said that through this she had contributed to a positive image of Germany in the eyes of the rest of the world.
He also mentioned that it was a great joy for him to honour her as a woman,  because  of the approximately 130 people to whom he had presented this award, fewer than 10 have been women.
Then Sr. Mechtild addressed the assembly, saying that she received the award on behalf of all those who worked together with her.  She mentioned all the sisters of the Congregatio Jesu, the Loreto-Sisters, the Jesuits, members of her family  and all the many others  without whom she could not have accomplished what she did.
For Sr. Mechtild and all her guests it was a  gloriously warm and sunny Roman day - never to be forgotten.
Her time of office as General Superior ended in December 2011. Now she lives in Augsburg and is responsible for the local community of the Congregatio Jesu there.

This news item expired on 31/01/2013.

Spanish Province - San Sebastiàn

On 9th September 2012 ‘Mary Ward Extea’ the house for the elderly/sick sisters of the Spanish province, was opened. As members of a House of Prayer they received the mission of praying for the Church and the Congregatio Jesu.
The house was built near the school at San Sebastiàn, and complies with the regulations current in the country for retirement homes.
Because of its location the house has a privileged view of the town and the sea; the sisters can enjoy the wonderful sunsets.
Photos: The new community of Mary Ward Extea in front of the house. The opening day: a view of the school from the dining-room.

This news item expired on 31/01/2013.

Middleeuropean Province – Lindau

On Moday, 22rd of October 2012, six busses with pupils, teachers and some parents from ”Maria Ward  Realschule Lindau” arrived here in Rome; altogether 380 people.
It was a dream of the headmistress, Mrs. Lamina,  for a long time that the whole school could go one day on pilgrimage to Rome. This year the dream could be put into practice after a long time of preparation. They had a full program: tour round the ancient Rome, audience in St. Peter, a day in Ostia,  etc.
On Wednesday the 24th they gathered in St Paolo fuori le mura. Mrs Lamina welcomed all the pupils (photo)and thanked P. Willibrod OSB to celebrate mass with  them all. During the bidding prayers, the pupils prayed for the wellbeing of the school family and they thanked  the CJ sisters who started the school in 1857.  At the end Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ  delivered the greetings of Sr. Jane Livesey CJ, the General Superior of the Congregatio Jesu, who unfortunately could not be present, because she is at present in India.

This news item expired on 31/01/2013.