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Generalate - evaluation process in Mondo Migliore. 10 – 12 July

Before we all go  on holiday  or undertake some language course to improve our English or our Italian, we went for three days to a very beautiful place near the Lake Albano, just opposite Castel Gandolfo. Away from our usual place of work we had time to review our experiences during the first 6 months of our time in Rome, to clarify our vision for the future and to get to know each other more deeply.  Claire Coldwell and Gill Chapman accompanied us through these days most competently and with great personal commitment. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator was a great help to us in understanding the particular strength of our team.

This news item expired on 16/08/2012.

Three students leave the roman community this summer

Sr. Bernarda  Francu CJ, she has done her Bachelor and Licentiate in Youth ministry and catechesis at the Pontificial University Salesiana. At the end of July she will go back to the Romanian Province. Sr. Fides Strenkova, she finished her doctorate at the Pontificial University Gregoriana  and will go back  to the Slovakian Province. Sr. Cecilia Choi CJ,  she has only been in Rome for 11 months. She will first go back to the Korean province and will then continue her theological studies in Indonesia. On Sunday the 8th of July the sisters of the Generalate invited them for a little farewell party, to thank them for their contribution to the roman community  and to wish them God’s blessing for their future. 

This news item expired on 15/08/2012.

Visitation of the Spanish Province

From 6th to  15th June Sr. Jane and Sr. Elena went for  visitation of the Spanish Province, for consultation before the appointment of a new Provincial Superior. They were accompanied by Sr. Patricia Harris who helped with the translation.
They visited all five apostolic communities: San Sebastian (school), Alza (children’s home), Encinas de Abajo (parish work),  Badalona (School) and Barcelona (school). They met all the sisters and had conversations with them. They also  met a group of lay people “Friends of Mary Ward” who together with others will prepare an international meeting  of those “men and women  who feel drawn to join us in the ‘open circle’ of companions of Mary Ward”. (GC 2011, 4)
At the end of their visit Sr. Jane and Sr. Elena met the Provincial Council.  They thanked them for their work for the last six years, and for the well prepared visitation .They discussed  some special topics concerning the Spanish Province as well.
(The photos show Sr. Jane and Sr. Elena with some sisters in Badalona)

This news item expired on 30/07/2012.