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Visit to Jerusalem

Sr. Jane Livesey CJ and Sr. Elisabeth Kampe CJ visited the small community of sisters in Jerusalem from 14 to 19 April.  The Congregatio Jesus has been managing  the Schmidt School and  Paulushaus (the pilgrim-hostel) since 1989; the Deutsche Verein vom Heiligen Land (German Holy Land  Association)owns both establishments.
At a meeting  of representatives of the owners and managers on 16.4.12  the procedures for the newly-formed School Board were put into effect.The Chair of the School Board is Sr. Heidrun Raabe, superior of the religious community. The Deputy Chair is Herr Bernd Mussinghoff, the representative of the Deutsche Verein vom Heiligen Land in Jerusalem.

This news item expired on 30/06/2012.

Departure for Korea

On 20 April 2012 SR. Jane Livesey CJ and Sr. Cecilia Yeom CJ set out for Korea. During their five-week visit they will talk with all the sisters, and visit many places where the sisters are working.
This is Sr. Jane’s first long journey overseas in her new task as General Superior. The Complementary Norms stipulate that during her term of office she should visit the the provinces, regions and houses at least once. This commitment will also take her to Spain, Russia and Siberia, Slovakia and Ukraine in the course of this year, and in November to India.

This news item expired on 30/06/2012.

Slovakia - Žakovce

Sr. Viera Miklušičáková CJ writes about a social experiment and experience of poverty in Žakovce:
Žakovce is a small village under the High Tatras, but Slovak people use name "Žakovce" also for a complex of buildings that has been growing up on the outskirts of this village. There I spent six weeks of my social experiment. The full name of the complex is The Institute of Christ the High Priest in Žakovce and it is an institution for people at the margins. It is managed by the IKV – The Institute of Christ the High Priest; it is a secular institute of the consecrated, priests and laity. One of the IKV members is also Fr.Marián Kuffa, a parish priest of Žakovce. He started this work twenty years ago with nothing, but with a strong faith, a loving heart and the blessing of his bishop.
The institute has been created gradually, according to the needs of people that come there. Nowadays there are nearly 300 clients in Žakovce; homeless people, alcoholics, ex-offenders, the abandoned, disabled men and women, youth at the end of institutional or protective education, the divorced and Roma, childless women after leaving the orphanages, mothers with children who ended up in the street for various reasons and now have no place to go. Every client must pray and work, except from the sick and children - they do not work, of course. Prayer, work and love are the main part of therapy there. The motto of Marian Kuffa and IKV states:
Love people the way they are; the less they deserve it, the more you love them. Do not love them according to the size of their merit, but according to the size of their needs!
The time that I spent there, in Žakovce, was for me really a blessing. Most of the time I spent with mums and their children; tutoring children, helping with leisure time activities, weekend life and night services. The whole time in Žakovce I felt that God was with me, too. He had been there before I came. And all that time there were coming to my mind words from the fortieth Psalm: "Poor and needy as I am, the Lord has me in mind…" Žakovce has been a grace, and I’m really glad and thankful that I could experience it.

This news item expired on 31/07/2012.