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World Meeting of Families

Sr. Anna Quinterio CJ, our missionary in Cuba, participated with four Cuban families on the “World Meeting of Families” which took place from the 30th of May until the 3rd of June in Milan.
“The Family: Work and Celebration” was the topic of this meeting. Pope Benedict XVI said, it was a great experience for the church. And for the group from Cuba it was a great Pentecost. The next World Meeting of Families will take place in  Philadelphia (USA) 2015.
One of the couples belongs to the parish of Cartagena, where our sisters work. Frank and Maria Elena flew with their daughter to Italy.
After the meeting in Milan, the group went to Rome. They were guests of the community of the Congregatio Jesu in Via Nomentana. This journey to Italy was a great gift of God for them, because they could meet wonderful people and see beautiful cities. 

This news item expired on 07/07/2012.

Korean visitation

Sr Jane Livesey CJ and Sr Cecilia Yeom CJ have returned from their Korean visitation. During the visitation they visited 16 communities and most apostolates where our sisters were working. They also conducted interviews with 208 members including 2 postulants. On 18th of May there was a meeting with the Provincial leadership team. There were also meetings with the Archbishop of Seoul Archdiocese and the Bishop of Daejeon diocese.


This news item expired on 06/07/2012.

Conference in Budapest for Heads of Mary Ward Schools in Germany, Austria and Hungary.

At the invitation of the sisters of the Congregatio Jesus, school heads from 24 German and Austrian Mary Ward schools of the Middle European province met their Hungarian colleagues for the first time in Budapest.  The concern was clear for everyone.  Increasingly, these schools have no more religious sisters. But the schools in this situation carry on, and discern their educational responsibility in close collaboration with the Congregatio Jesu. Mary Ward’s educational aims are pursued with great commitment even where there is no sister of the Congregatio Jesus  to work in the spirit of the founder. So it was still more important for the school heads to reflect on the common roots and to encourage one another in sharing ideas and strengthening each other in the task.

This news item expired on 30/06/2012.