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The title of the Mary Ward Exhibition in Augsburg, which was officially opened on September 24th 2010, is: ‘In the Crossfire - 400 years of Mary Ward and her Enterprise’. It brings together the many pictures, art works, archive material and other interesting items connected with Mary Ward and our foundation mainly from within the Middle European Province but beyond as well. All together over three hundred guests came together for the inaugural Mass in Augsburg Cathedral celebrated by Cardinal Wetter, which was followed by the official opening of the Exhibition and lunch.

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The first International Mary Ward Week for teachers and students run by the laity took place in York in August. The moving spirits behind it were Frau Annette Haseneder and Lotte Webb. Participants came from CJ and IBVM corners of Mary Ward’s family notably from Germany, Brazil, South Africa and England. As well as seeing the places connected with Mary Ward, there was a lot of prayer, fun, and creative work. The group even constructed and launched their own website which can be found on http://www.mary-ward.org.uk/.

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In his recent visit to England Pope Benedict XVI made special mention of Mary Ward when he said: “Looking around me today, I see many apostolic religious whose charism includes the education of the young. This gives me an opportunity to give thanks to God for the life and work of the Venerable Mary Ward, a native of this land whose pioneering vision of apostolic religious life for women has borne so much fruit. I myself as a young boy was taught by the “English Ladies” and I owe them a deep debt of gratitude.”

This news item expired on 30/11/2010.