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Munich Paradeiserhaus - On Historic Ground

“Now we are standing on the very plaster that Mary Ward once stood on”, exclaimed Angela Fries, the Provincial Superior of the Middle European Province of the Congregatio Jesu. The Ignatian congregation, which was founded by Mary Ward 402 years ago, has always had a close connection with Munich. Mary Ward founded the first school for girls in Bavaria in the so-called ‘Paradeiserhaus’ in Weinstrasse (street). The house was totally destroyed by aerial bombing on the night of 7th January 1945 along with the rest of the area which is now known as the Marienhof in the centre of Munich.
In preparation for the construction of a second S-Bahn route in the area an archaeological excavation is in process. In the 6600 square meter area excavated were found the largest continuous buildings of historic importance in the old city of Munich. The buildings, their owners and their usage can be traced by means of the written sources back to the year 1380. When the excavation team reached the cellar of the Paradeiserhaus, the Project Director for German Rail and the representative of the office for Archaeology invited the CJ sisters to a viewing of the archaeological find. Twenty-five CJ sisters were happy to accept this invitation on 21st November.

This news item expired on 31/01/2012.

Middle European Province: New foundation in a large German city

Bank towers and business offices, traffic junctions, mainline station and airport, centre of the Rhein-Main conurbation – that is Frankfurt. This summer a new apostolic community of four CJ sisters was founded in the centre of this city. We are under the same roof as a long-established community of Jesuits.

The mission of this community is appropriately wide. As well as the individual apostolate  of each sister (high school, grief counseling, parish pastoral) central to our mission is our presence as a spiritual community in the city. We are a house with an open door for many different visitors from near and far – as has been evident during these first few weeks. We still have to discover exactly how our presence and life as an apostolic community in this city will develop concretely. But, whereas elsewhere in the Middle European Province communities and establishments have had to close, here in Frankfurt a small new plant is growing – a sign for the future of the CJ in our province.
Left to right: Sr Edelgardis Kunkel, Sr Magdalena Winghofer, Sr Monika Uecker, Sr Igna Kramp

This news item expired on 28/11/2011.

New CJ foundation in Nova Borova, Ukraine

The new CJ foundation in Nova Borova lies 150 km north-west of Kiev, and comes within the diocese of Kiev-Zhytomyr.  Nova Borova is a large village of about 6,000 inhabitants. There are two secondary schools and two day care centres. Bishop Yan Purvinsky invited our sisters to work with young people as the diocese has a larger percentage of Catholics, about 20%, compared to any other. Our two pioneering sisters, Sr Marietta and Sr. Mariana, teach Catechesis to children and young people, both at school and at home. The sisters also give retreats, organize summer camps for the youth, and lead the local choir.
Nova BorovaNova Borova2
Photos:  Srs. Mariana and Marietta outside the parish church in Nova Borova, and summer camp for youth


This news item expired on 18/03/2012.