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Only five of the pine trees remain in Via Nomentana 250

Two of the seven pine trees in the Via Nomentana garden have had to be cut down. The angle of the trees was no longer safe, leading to the danger that one day during a strong storm the branches would break off and fall, causing damage to the surrounding houses. The tree surgeon cut them branch after branch until only the stem was left. It is a great shame but it had to be done.
These trees are wonders of nature. They have given shade to generations of sisters and pupils. The birds too will miss the trees when they look for a stage for their morning concert. (Text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 09/05/2017.

Visitation of Italian Province

From 25th  February to 6th March 2017, our Superior General, Sr. Jane Livesey CJ, and Elena Gatica CJ, the General Assistant,  will make the canonical visitation in the Italian Province. The time of office of the present Provincial Superior, Sr. Leticia Galbusera CJ is coming to an end. Our constitutions require  to make detailed inquiries in the province before the appointment of a new provincial superior. Therefore, Sr. Jane and Sr. Elena will visit the communities in Rovereto, Vicenza and Merate and have a conversation with each sister. 
(Text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 25/04/2017.

Start of Spring in the city of Rome


Photos: 19th February 2017

This news item expired on 20/04/2017.