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Joint CJ/IBVM Extended Leadership day – 27 April 2018

To see the video made of the joint Extended Leadership day click here: 

This news item expired on 20/08/2018.

Fruit harvest in Via Nomentana 250

This news item expired on 19/08/2018.

Evaluation days for the CJ Generalate in Palazzola, from 6 to 8 June 2018

Since the beginning of our term of office, we, the Generalate team of the CJ, have spent a few days each year evaluating our experience of the previous year. Looking back at the last year our facilitator, Pauline Darby SHCJ, asked us to draw a road map indicating where we had found unusual treasures, roadblocks, where, for example, we crossed a bridge to new freedom, spent time in a place of beauty or where we met someone who helped us on our way.  Working with symbolic pictures was very helpful for taking a closer look at our experiences. On the last day, we were presented with pictures of various types of steps. Our task was to find out where each one of us sees herself looking ahead to the next few years.
The venue was excellent. It was not the first time that we have had our evaluation in Palazzola, the holiday house of the Venerable English College here in Rome, but this time summer made the difference. The weather was absolutely fine which meant that we could have our meals as well as some group sharing outside in the garden, with the panoramic view to Castel Gandolfo on the other side of the Lake Albano.     (Text and photos/eka)

This news item expired on 13/08/2018.