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St. Peter's Square in Rome

On Friday 7 December 2018, this year's nativity scene was unveiled as part of a celebration and the lights of the 23-meter-high Christmas tree were turned on. "The manger and the tree are a reflection of the light and tenderness of God. They help us to celebrate the feast of the birth of Jesus" said Pope Francis at the ceremony. "With its lights, the Christmas tree reminds us time and again that Jesus is the light of the world that dispels the darkness of enmity.” The angel on the right side of the crib invites us to become silent and to meditate on the mystery.
This year the scene of the birth of Jesus is modelled from sand, which was delivered specially from the Adriatic village of Jesolo (Venice). 700 tons of sand were used to create the scene by artists from Russia, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. (Text and photos / eka)

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Consultation visitation of the Delhi Province

The consultation visitation of the Delhi Province commenced on 25 October 2018 and finished on 25 November 2018. Prisca CJ (General Assistant responsible for COIN) and Elena CJ visited all 14 communities, including the COIN postulants’ community in Jhansi, where Roselette CJ (Allahabad Province) and Alice CJ (Delhi Province) serve as formators. The Delhi Province has 89 members engaged in education, health and social ministries. Prisca and Elena met 85 members and had face to face conversations in view of the appointment of a new Provincial Superior, as the term of office of Pratima CJ will come to an end in February 2019. Prisca had telephone conversations with three of the Juniors who study in different states of India and one currently undertaking her tertianship in Kathmandu.
The Delhi Province was carved out of the Allahabad Province in 2007 and has been growing steadily. 
At the end of the visitation, on the 27th and 28th the COIN Provincial and Regional Superiors met together. Elena was fortunate to visit the IBVMs in Shimla and Delhi while Prisca attended the Province Assemblies in Patna and Bangalore.
 Photo: 1 
Sr. Julita CJ (extreme left) works in collaboration with the Salesians to uplift the young, uneducated poor of Mauranipur.
Photo: 2
The little CJ community in Rohini, Delhi, doing a Gujarati dance at the farewell programme for the two General Assistants in the Provincial house in Delhi. Marisha CJ, Sister in charge (first from left), Sanjana CJ (Centre) and Tomsy CJ (right). Tomsy CJ and Sanjana CJ work in the school and Marisha CJ sees to the Ssocial project to empower poor women of the locality. A very successful collaboration indeed!
Photo: 3
Pratima CJ and the Provincial Council after the final council meeting with Elena CJ and Prisca CJ at the end of the consultation visitation: (from left to right) Elsy CJ, Assunta CJ, (Provincial Bursar) Pratima CJ (Provincial Superior), Lucy CJ, Mary John CJ, Deepa CJ and Joseline CJ ( Provincial Secretary)
Photo: 4
7 postulants and 1 candidate (standing close to Elena CJ) with the formation team - Roselette CJ and Alice CJ (in uniform saree)
(text: Prisca CJ, photos: Elena CJ)

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Mary Ward - back in Li├Ęge...

On 27 November 2018, 20 Mary Ward sisters (from the IBVM and the CJ) from England, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Slovakia came to Liège - 402 years after Mary Ward had established a community there with some companions, and later on the novitiate. Dr. Bruno Dumont, the retired city archivist, has identified the exact locations of both houses. The first house of the sisters is in the Rue des Begards near the church of St. Martin. There they taught girls, also from England. From the novitiate in the Rue Pierreuse the staircase still exists. Plaques in honour of Mary Ward were erected in both places. A reception in the parish of St. Martin followed, hosted by Magdalen O'Neill IBVM and Monika Glockann CJ, on behalf of their respective General Superiors. 
Dr. Dumont, the former city archivist, the Vicar General, Alphonse Borras, representing Bishop Delville, and Liège's 2nd Mayor, Michel Firket, emphasized in their speeches that Mary Ward remained true to her mission despite the greatest difficulties, even in this city. Mary Ward - a woman of perseverance! After her death, the community continued to develop. Now the sisters are active in 40 countries worldwide today.  (Text and photos: Monika Glockann CJ)
Photo 1: old entrance to the noviciate
Photo 2: Inauguration of the plaque in the Rue des Begardes with Mgadalen O‘ Neill IBVM,  giving a speech
Photo 3. Sr. Monika Glockann CJ with the Vicar General Alphonse Borras and another sister  

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