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SOLWODI Romania celebrates the official opening of its new Counselling and Education Centre in Bucharest.

After 8 years of hope and hard work, on the 23rd of October 2017, Solwodi Romania had the privilege of celebrating the official opening of its new Counselling and Education Centre in Bucharest, for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.
It has been a long road to get here, and we are most grateful to our sponsors who not only made this possible, but allowed us to think big and dare to believe God’s mission shared in our heart is possible. When I started this mission in 2009, with a ’dream,’ a poor understanding of it and €1,500, I felt like the apostles as they stood next to Jesus, in front of many people, who were hungry, and they only had three loaves and two fish. As with the apostles, Jesus gave me the basket to share, without my realising the huge amount of work that had to be done but only giving time, energy, prayers, compassion and care with trust.  I am one of His companions. 
Since then, the project has grown bigger, in ways that I did not anticipate at first. Our first counselling venue was in a basement, and the first sponsors we met wanted to finance a shelter, so we had a shelter. Then responding to women’s needs lead us to the next step of our journey as we opened the transitional living program. It was only after all services for women were covered, that we have a proper, welcoming counselling centre as well as space for our offices. 
I always say I don’t have dreams to dream how this is going to develop, because I know it has developed and it will develop by putting our trust in the Lord and in the generative listening of people God places in our lives. In this context I find our mission reflected in Saint Irenaeus’ words: “The glory of God is the human person fully alive.” A life away from abuse, violence, slavery, a life filled with all the fullness of God.
Mary Ward said more than 400 years ago: ”Women in time to come, will do much”. We are these women now and we work tirelessly for a world where women take their place in family, Church and society. 
(Text and photos Sr. Adina) 

This news item expired on 02/01/2018.

New tasks for the CJ Korean Province.

Since the Korean Province was founded in 1964 the sisters have been involved in pastoral work in towns. For two years, however, they have also been working in the out-stations of Hoengseom, a pilgrimage-centre far away in the mountains in the north of South Korea. They visit the Christians in the little settlements amidst the rice and ginseng-fields, take Communion to the sick, prepare children to receive the sacraments, lead prayer-groups, offer spiritual direction and take care of the church and of services. 
The special thing about this place is that in the 19th century it was a refuge for many Christians who had to flee from persecution and certain death. The pilgrimage-church was built in 1888 by a Franciscan missionary. In the old school nearby, Sr. Teresa has opened a café and a library. Pilgrims are very glad to come here and talk with the sisters, and receive help on their spiritual path.

This news item expired on 23/12/2017.

Sister Abiela, participant in the Mary Ward Summer School, inspires the Superiors in Slovakia

On 30th September 2017 the regular meeting of the CJ superiors in Slovakia was held at the Mary Ward Pastoral Centre in Prešov.  Sr. Abiela Mihová CJ was invited to share her experience and the knowledge she had gained during the Mary Ward Summer School led by Sr. Agnesa Jenčikovà CJ and Srs. Carmel Swords and Magdalen O´Neill IBVM in London. The aim was to deepen knowledge of Mary Ward, her life, spirituality and history. Sr. Abiela was very inspired by the Summer School and wanted to share it with the superiors. She prepared some interesting presentations through which she especially focused on Mary´s youth in her homeland, and her enthusiasm inspired the superiors to follow Mary Ward more closely. She also recommended to them some accessible Slovak and foreign resources about Mary Ward as a contribution to a deeper knowledge of this great woman. 
There will be six more meetings with Sr. Abiela within the Slovak province, four in Slovakia, one in the Czech Republic and one in Ukraine.

This news item expired on 13/12/2017.