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Canonisation on St Peter’s Square

On Sunday, 13th October 2019, during a Holy mass on St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis has canonised five people: the EnglishCcardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890), the Swiss Marguerite Bays (1815-1879) as well as three foundresses of religious congregations - Maria Teresa Chiramel Mankidiyan (1876-1926) from India, Giuseppina Vannini (1859-1911) from Italy and Dulce Lopes Pontes (1914-1992) from Brazil.
Sister Jane was seated very close to the altar in St Peter as the guest of the British Ambassador to the Holy See. 

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Prayer for the Amazon Synod

At the moment the Amazon Synod is taking place in the Vatican. Bishops, representatives of indigenous peoples, experts from all over the world, special guests, among others, will meet for three weeks to search together for new paths for the church and for an integral ecology from the reality that the peoples in the Amazon are living and suffering.
The Amazon Synod is a call for "ecological conversion", an invitation to engage in the protection of the environment, our common home, and in the fight against social injustice and the greed for profit at the expense of the environment and of human beings. The challenge is how to reconcile ecological and human development.
The Union of International Superiors General (UISG) has called on all religious communities to cooperate in dealing with these issues, to meet, to exchange ideas and to pray for the Synod. The Loreto Sisters obeying this call  invited members of other communities near them to share and pray together. We were 8 participants from three different communities and we had a lively sharing of our personal experiences. The focal point of our sharing was the question of what each one of us can do to preserve God's wonderful creation.
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The two links given below are related to a consultation process involving all members of both the CJ and the IBVM, in relation to the possibility of the two remaining branches of Mary Ward’s original 1609 foundation in St Omer becoming one congregation.

We are grateful to Sister Mary Wright IBVM for permission to post the video of her 2018 talk on the shared history to the two branches, given a joint meeting of the extended leadership teams of both branches in Rome in April 2018.

This news item expired on 11/12/2019.