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Loreto International Education Conference

The conference took place in Pretoria, South Africa, from 25th June to 2nd July 2017. It was organized by an international planning group of IBVM sisters and lay staff. There were 60 delegates from Mary Ward schools scattered all over the world. The delegates came from Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nepal, Mauritius, Peru, Romania, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This conference was indeed a further IBVM-CJ move towards a sense of oneness, communion and collaboration. There was CJ representation, along with their lay counterparts, from Romania, Korea, Zimbabwe, Nepal, India and Italy. The Indo-Nepal contingent was the largest, with 5 CJ sisters and 5 teachers. Gemma Simmonds CJ of the English Province was one of the key speakers of the conference. (text: Prisca CJ; photos: members of the conference) 

This news item expired on 17/09/2017.

Commitment of the Congregatio Jesu to the people of El Salvador

Sr. Martha Zechmeister CJ from the MEP (Middle European Province) has been working in San Salvador for about 10 years. She is Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological Institute of the Universidad Centroamericana Jose Siméon Cañas (UCA) in San Salvador, which is run by the Society of Jesus. The screaming injustice in our world has always worried and bothered Martha. Even in the 1990s, she lectured at the UCA as a visiting Professor. In 2009, she moved there permanently and a few years later took responsibility for the Master’s course entitled ‘Teologia Latinoamericana’.  Key topics in this course are: introduction to methods of theological research, liberation theology, the role of women in Latin American theology, reading the New Testament from the point of view of the marginalised and many others.
She herself describes her motivation as follows: “The decisive sources to pursue this kind of theology are the countless men and women who take the risk – as Jesus did – to challenge the idols who keep demanding human sacrifice: the fetishism of money and the greed for power. The Latin American Martyrs encourage me not to give up but search for ways of free and freeing actions together with others.
The photos were taken during a lecture of Nancy Pineda-Madrid, from Boston College in the USA who was invited to the UCA by Sr. Martha.
The second task to which Sr. Martha is dedicated, is the running of a home for female students. At present, she live together with 10 young women in a rented house near the UCA. Two of the students are members of the Congregatio Jesu (from Brazil and Chile). The others come from rural areas in El Salvador and are subsidized financially by a project. They would not be able to study without these supporting measures.
All the photos were taken during Sr. Elisabeth Kampe’s stay with Sr. Martha from 23 to 26 June 2017.
(Text and photos/eka and others)

This news item expired on 07/09/2017.

300 years of Mary Ward School in Bamberg

The celebration of the 300th Jubilee of the school in Bamberg school was on 25th June 2017. Srs. Elena Gatica CJ and Prisca Vadakepoondikulam CJ were privileged to be a part of this delightful celebration. The thanksgiving Mass was presided over by Archbishop Ludwig Schick. His homily revealed great appreciation of the service rendered by the school to Generations of students - specially through the CJ sisters until they handed the school over to the Archdiocese in 2002. The singing was excellent and the chapel full. Sisters from Augsburg, Neuburg, Nürnberg, Merano, Companions of Mary Ward and friends and well-wishers besides representatives of staff and students added energy to the celebration. Elena and Prisca are full of thanks for Sr. Ursula Dirmeier CJ and community for their hospitality, joy and affectionate care they experienced during their stay there from 23rd to 27th June. (Text: Prisca CJ, Photos: Cristina Irsara CJ).

This news item expired on 05/09/2017.