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Start of Spring in Via Nomentana

 Photos of 20th February 2017 

This news item expired on 20/04/2017.

Meeting of JPIC promoters in Rome

Every third Wednesday of the month, the Religious in Rome who promote justice, peace and integrity of creation meet. On 15 February 2017 the topic was: “Refugees and Migrants".
Carmen Bandeo SSpS and Florence de la Villéon RSCJ (Photo No.2) reported on the project of the UISG (Union of International Superiors General) in Sicily. Since one year 9 sisters from different religious congregations have been working there in three different places. In cooperation with Dioceses, with Caritas and parishes, they try to find access to the refugee camps to find out how they can help.
Pope Francis continues to encourage religious Congregations to open their doors for refugees. In Rome, 29 religious communities have now taken refugees. Three years ago only 6 congregations did that. In future there will be more.
Benard Isanda CMM (photo no. 4) took part in this meeting for the last time. He will return to Africa. At the end of the meeting he said: "I am going back to East Africa and I will try to open up possibilities for work for the people and so to prevent them from fleeing into other countries thinking that there everything is better. (Text: Elisabeth, Photos: Sheila).

This news item expired on 16/04/2017.

Angelus in St. Peter’s Square on the 5th Sunday of the Year 2017

In his brief homily in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis reflected on the gospel of the Sunday. "You are the light of the world ... You are the salt of the earth.” (Mt 5: 13-14). Christianity needs to be seen in action. Words alone do not change the world. Just as evil brings forth further evil, righteousness and goodness in action change the world for the better.
Italy is celebrating the "Day of Life" this Sunday, symbolized by the many green balloons. The Pope called on all to foster the culture of life. Everyone is a gift, regardless of whether s/he is just born or whether s/he is advanced in age. Everyone is precious, very precious.
(Text and photos / eka)

This news item expired on 06/04/2017.