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Chile, America
Address Sede de la Provincia
  J.Pedro Alessandri 294
Tel +56 2 3417940
Fax +56 2 223 29 01
Email mariteaedo@gmail.com

The CJ communities in Chile began in 1934 when sisters from Augsburg and Bamberg in Germany arrived. The following year they set up a school for the education of girls in Antofagasta. Educational ministry, through the coordination network of five schools, including a vocational technical school, is still the  main apostolate of the province. There are also two apostolic communities inserted in poorer sectors, working in parish pastoral and social projects. 
Two sisters are in the international mission in Cuba.
There are CJ Houses in: Antofagasta, Chillán, San Carlos, San Fabián de Alico, San Ignacio, Santiago