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Mary Ward England

Mary Ward Germany

PRSC 2013

  You are currently viewing Mary Ward Germany - Places and objects connected with Mary Ward in Germany

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  • Mary Ward Shoes
  • Mary Ward Clock
  • Mary Ward hat
  • Mary Ward Rosary
  • Mary Ward Hairshirt
  • Mary Ward as Pilgrim
  • Bamberg Mary Ward
  • Mainz Mary Ward
  • Mainz Thaler
  • Munich Isator
  • Munich Cathedral
  • Mary Poyntz
  • Mary Ward Letter
  • Roger Lee SJ
  • Mary Ward Cross Altoetting
  • Augsburg 17th century print
  • Munich 1631 Bull of Suppression
  • Mary Ward Signature
  • Paradeiser House Munich
  • Augsburg Mary Ward Crucifix
  • Vienna Mary Ward House
  • Augsburg IHS 2009
  • Augsburg IHS 2009
  • Munich Anger Convent
  • Nymphenburg Bell