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Congregatio Jesu



We are a congregation of women religious sisters founded by an Englishwoman, Mary Ward, in the early 17th century.  She believed, at a time when it was not a widely held belief, either in the Church or in society, that women could “do much” in the service of God.  She was a pioneer of the apostolic religious life for women and her order now exists in every continent.
At its General Congregation in Loyola in 2011, which had as its theme “Called to bring hope”, the Congregatio Jesu expressed its understanding of our identity and calling as follows:

“As companions of Jesus in mission, we are called to be women of hope in order to bring hope…Mary Ward calls us to be rooted in God, passionate for Christ, courageous prophets ready to take risks.  She invites us to go beyond our limits to where the need is greater, living the ‘Just Soul’ virtues of freedom, justice and sincerity.  In the footsteps of Mary Ward the Pilgrim, we want to live the MAGIS as contemplatives in action, and as women who seek to make the world more human.  Guided by discerning love we hear ever more clearly the cry of the poor and of the suffering earth."
On this website you can learn more both about Mary Ward herself and about her present day followers and what we do as “companions of Jesus in mission”.
We hope that whoever you are, and whatever your reasons for “landing” on this website, you will both enjoy it and be as inspired by Mary Ward – described by Pope Pius XII as “that incomparable woman” - as we are.
Jane Livesey CJ
General Superior