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Mary WardA Biography of Mary Ward by Sr Gregory Kirkus CJ is now available to read online.
To read the book you must have a Flash enabled Browser. To download the latest version of the free Flash viewer please visit Adobe's website.  This link will open in a new window. The Flash player will take only a few seconds to install over a broadband connection, a little longer if you have dial-up.
Once you have Flash installed you can open the publication by clicking in the link at the bottom of this page.  There are some items to note regarding the publication:
  • The publication is presented in a new window which will open when you click the link below.
  • It will take a few seconds to load.
  • Once the publication is loaded you may turn the pages by grabbing the corner of the pages with the left button of the mouse and dragging the page to turn, just like a conventional book.  You may also use the navigation buttons at the foot of the publication.
  • To read the book we recommend that you zoom in to display the page fully.  This is achieved by either clicking once on the page or using the Zoom button on the foot of the publication.  Note that the corner page turn is not available when in zoom mode.
  • You may enable the book to be displayed in full screen mode by using the button on the foot of the publication.  To exit full screen mode simply press the "Esc" button on your keyboard.
Read the book