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Resources on Mary Ward


Written resources on Mary Ward and the History of the Institute
A fuller list of the sources and printed material on Mary Ward and the Institute than that given here is available from the website of the Middle European Province: 
and from the website of the English Province:
The Spirituality Centre in Augsburg is a good resource for secondary material notably in German:
Zentrum Maria Ward
Karmelitengasse 9
86152 Augsburg
The Archives of the Bar Convent in York contain some valuable primary and secondary sources:
The Archivist
The Bar Convent
17 Blossom St
York YO24 1AQ
Short Biographies on Mary Ward
Gregory Kirkus CJ:
Mary Ward
Strasbourg (Editions du Signe) 2008
ISBN 978-2-7468-2072-2
Immolata Wetter CJ:
Maria Ward. Gründerin des Instituts Beatae Mariae
Virginis der Englischen Fräulein.
(Verlag Schell und Steiner) 4. Auflage 1996.
ISBN 3-7022-1785-3

Printed Books
Henriette Peters IBVM/CJ:
Mary Ward, A World in Contemplation
trans. by Helen Butterworth IBVM/CJ
Leominster (Gracewing) 1994
ISBN 0-85244-268-8
Margaret Mary Littlehales CJ
Mary Ward, Pilgrim and Mystic 1585-1645
1998 London (Continuum) 2nd edn 2001
ISBN 0-86012-287-5
Immolata Wetter CJ
Mary Ward Under the Shadow of the Inquisition.
Translated by Bernadette Ganne and Patricia Harriss CJ 
Oxford, Campion Hall (Way Books) 2006
ISBN 0-9047117-28-3
Gillian Orchard  IBVM/CJ  [ed.] 
Till God Will.  Mary Ward Through Her Writings
London (Darton, Longman and Todd) 1985
ISBN 0-232-51634-0
The original edition is out of print. A reprint is available from the Way Ignatian Book Service, Campion Hall, Oxford OX1 1QS, UK
Christina Kenworthy-Browne CJ [ed.] 
Mary Ward 1585-1845, A Briefe Relation, with Autobiographical Fragments and a Selection of Letters
Woodbridge (The Boydell Press for the Catholic Record Society) 2008
ISBN 978-0-902832-24-4
Gregory Kirkus CJ
The Companions of Mary Ward
Strasbourg (Editions du Signe) 2009
ISBN 978-2-7468-2281-8
Mary Catherine Chambers IBVM/CJ 
The Life of Mary Ward ed. James Coleridge SJ in  2 vols. 
London (Burns & Oates) 1882, 1885
Out of print available from libraries
Jennifer Cameron IBVM 
Dangerous Innovator, Mary Ward 1585-1645
Strafield, Australia (St Paul Publications) 2000 
Jeanne Cover IBVM 
Love the Driving Force.  Mary Ward’s Spirituality: Its Significance for Moral Theology
USA (Marquette University Press) 1998
Thérèse Daly IBVM
Deepest Longings. Mary Ward’s Ignatian Way
Melbourne (Jesuit Publications) 1990
ISBN 0-7316-9299-3
Mary Wright IBVM 
Mary Ward’s Institute. The Struggle for Identity
Sydney  (Crossing Press)  1997
ISBN 0-9586713-3-8
Christine E. Bourke IBVM
Freedom, Justice and Sincerity, Reflections of the Life and Spirituality of Mary Ward
Hindmarsh, Australia (ATF Press) 2009
IBSN 9781921511530
Primary Sources in print
Congregatio de Causis Sanctorum
Beatificationes et Canonizationis Servae Dei Mariea Ward
Positio Super Vita, Virtutibus et Fama Sanctitatis in five volumes

Rome 1994
a copy is held in every province of the CJ
Mary Ward und ihre Gründung.
Die Quellentexte bis 1645.
Herausgegeben von Sr. Ursula Dirmeier CJ, Münster (Aschendorff) 2007.
[Corpus Catholicorum, hgg. v. Prof. Peter Walter, Band 45–48]
ISBN 978-3-402-03459-0 (Band 45)
ISBN 978-3-402-03460-6 (Band 46)
ISBN 978-3-402-03461-3 (Band 47)
ISBN 978-3-402-03462-0 (Band 48)
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