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Romania, Europe
Address Congregaţia lui Isus Provincialat
  Şos. Olteniţei, nr. 6
  RO-077160 POPEŞTI
  Jud. Ilfov
Tel +40 021 36 15 246
Fax +40 021 36 15 247
Email cjprovromania@yahoo.it
Web www.congregatiojesu.ro

The first Mary Ward sisters came to Romania from Bavaria in the mid-19th century. Up until the advent of communism they ran large schools for girls in Turnu Severin, Craiova, Bucharest and Brăila.

During the communist period the sisters of German origin were expelled, and some Romanian sisters were imprisoned for refusing to hand over confidential information to the authorities. From 1984, with the support of the Archbishop of Bucharest young women seeking religious life worked ‘underground’ in parishes and in workshop making church vestments.
With the downfall of communism in 1989 the CJ were able to build on a strong foundation and the number of young women wanting to enter the CJ increased rapidly. This has enabled several new foundations and new schools and Kindergartens to be established. As well as educational ministries there are sisters working in health care; social projects; pastoral ministry; and spiritual outreach.
The province has a foundation in the diocese of Aosta, Italy for pastoral work. Romanian sisters also work in the mission in Cuba, Jerusalem, Rome and Spain
There are CJ houses in:
Brăila, Bucharest, Iaşi, Rădăuţi, Timişoara, Timişul De Sus