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Germany, Europe
Address Provinzialat Congregatio Jesu
  Planegger Straße 4
  81241 MÜNCHEN
Tel +49 89 82 07 540
Fax +49 89 82 07 54 300
Email sekretariat@congregatiojesu.de
Web www.congregatiojesu.de

Some of the oldest foundations of the Congregatio Jesu were made by Mary Ward or by her companions in Bavaria-  Munich in 1626, Augsburg in 1662, and Burghausen in 1683.  
The Middle European Province, created in 2005, is an amalgamation of eight German-speaking provinces spread across Germany, Austria and South Tyrol. All together there are 30 CJ communities.
Recent foundations have been made in Hannover in 2004, and in Schleusingen in 2008 in the former DDR. The Middle European Province also has members in our Jerusalem mission, and a sister on special assignment in San Salvador.
The main archives of the Congregatio Jesu and many of the paintings including the Painted Life of Mary Ward are in houses of the Middle European Province.
Ministries within this province are numerous and varied.
There are CJ communities in:
Altötting, Augsburg, Bad Homburg, Bad
Reichenhall, Bamberg, Bensheim, Eichstätt, Frankfurt, Hannover, Mindelheim, München, Neuburg, Nürnberg, Passau, Pfarrkirchen, Regensburg, Schleusingen, Simbach, Velbert.
AUSTRIA St. Pölten , Wien