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Brazil, America
Address Congregação de Jesus
  Sede da Provincia
  Rua dos Brasões 96
  -04603-030 - Jardim Petrópolis
Tel +55 11 5531 06 66
Fax +55 11 5535 43 51
Email cjspbrasil@uol.com.br
Web www.congregacaodejesus.org.br

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The first house in Brazil was founded in 1934 by sisters from four of the German-speaking provinces. There are now CJ communities spread across the country from the south to the north.
Originally the main apostolate was domestic education of girls. It then developed into mainline education.  In São Paulo there are three large, all-age schools. Two other communities in the city are involved in pastoral work. In other parts of the Brazil the ministries are mainly pastoral and social including the Amazon basin in the north. The most recent foundation has been among the local people in Amazonia.
Brazil11There are CJ Houses in:
Braúnas,  Curitiba,
Paes Landim, Perola D'Oeste, Prelaxia do Xingu,
Santa Maria do Oeste, São João do Piauí,
São Paulo