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Cuba, America
Address Congregatio Jesu
  Calle 24 de Febrero, 93
  Rodas Cienfuegos
  Congregatio Jesu
  Calle 15, Reparto Pedro Díaz Cuello
Tel +53 43549551 (Rodas) +53 24455744 (Holguín)
Email hnascj@obicienfuegos.co.cu


The mission in Cuba began in 2006 in Rodas, situated in the diocese of Cienfuegos. The people of Cuba are very poor and lack good medical and educational facilities. Communications both within the country and with the outside world are very difficult. Despite years of communist rule the ordinary people remain Christian at heart. Currently there are twosmall, international CJ communities in Cuba and they work with the local people to meet pastoral and social needs. The second CJ apostolic presence in Cuba was founded in 2012 in the Diocese of Holguín.
“As companions of Jesus in mission, we are called to be women of hope in order to bring hope… rooted in God, passionate for Christ, courageous prophets ready to take risks…” (Gen.Congr. 2011) With Mary Ward, we pilgrimage with the Cuban people.
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