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England, Europe
Address Provincial Office
  Congregation of Jesus
  7/8 Brookside
  CB2 1JE
Tel +44 1223 302449
Fax +44 1223 306039
Email gailjones.prov@9max.co.uk
Web www.congregationofjesus.org.uk

There have been sisters in England almost continuously since the time of Mary Ward. However, life remained very difficult for them. Catholics were persecuted up till the Catholic Relief Acts of the late 18th century, and this meant that the presence of the sisters was either as lone missionaries, or as members of secret communities.
The oldest religious house in England with continuous occupation is the Bar Convent in York, founded in 1686 by Frances Bedingfield, one of Mary Ward’s companions. It was from here that the Irish branch of the institute was founded in the early 19th century.
There are presently five CJ communities in England in three cities. Traditionally, the main ministry has been school-based teaching but now all our former schools have been handed over to the diocese or to lay trusts, and the sisters are involved in a wide range of ministries: tertiary and secondary education, spiritual ministries, pastoral and social ministries, work with the media, and providing hospitality for the many visitors to Mary Ward’s home country.
There are CJ houses in: