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Spain, Europe
Address Colegio Mary Ward
  Camino de Larra├▒ategui 27
  20014 SAN SEBASTI├âN
Tel +34 943 44 55 06
Fax +34 943 44 55 08
Email congjesus.esp@gmail.com

The Congregatio Jesu has been present in Spain since 1939, when the sisters came from Germany and founded a house in Barcelona.  The main ministry of the province  is education.
In the educational Centres  great  importance is given to pastoral work: to supporting the  Mary Ward groups; preparing children to receive the sacraments and running social workshops for both mothers and pupils.
Some sisters do pastoral and social work outside the schools. This includes  running a home for children of divorced parents. Others work with people who have all sorts of problems  and yet others  work in the formation of catechists.
In 2012, a house for the old sisters of the province was  built in San Sebastian: MARY WARD EXTEA     
There are CJ-communities in: Alza, Badalona, Barcelona and San Sebastian.
         Badalona                                     Alza                                              Barcelona 
           San Sebastian