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Czech Republic, Europe
Address Congregatio Jesu
  Liptovská 35
  821 09 BRATISLAVA 2
  Slovenská Republika
Tel +421 2 5341 3690
Fax +421 2 5341 6982
Email provincialatcj@mail.t-com.sk
Web www.congregatiojesu.sk

Mary Ward had attempted, unsuccessfully, to found a house in Prague in 1628. It was not until 1921 that the CJ were able to re-establish a presence in this part of  Europe in Štěkeň.
In 1949 with the onset of the communist regime the sisters had to leave Štěkeň and go to Dobrá Voda. In 1989 they were able to return to Štěkeň and it is here that most of the sisters of Czech origin reside. There is a smaller more apostolically active community in Prague.                        
During the communist period Slovak sisters also worked in Horní Maxov and Košátky in Bohemia. Today some Slovak sisters still work in the Czech Republic.                                                            
The CJ houses of the Slovak Province within the Czech state are in:
Horní Maxov

Karlova Studánka